XXXV aniversario Imss

XXXV aniversario Imss


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1977
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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XXXV aniversario Imss torrent reviews

Swaroop R (au) wrote: Ritesh manages to entertain whenever he gets on the screen. Tusshar is not gay in the reel and guess what? He cannot hide the obvious and definitely gay in real life. The two female leads are as expressionless as a piece of wood. Anupam Kher, Why this when you could do more like "A Wednesday" or comedy like "Apna Sapna Money Money"? Vulgar and Cheap jokes. Some of them do lighten up the rather glum and half asleep audience. Not worth your time. Rather wait for Apna sapna money money 2 or something.

Ed F (br) wrote: Must have been made on a $500 dollar budget. Horrible flick.

Joshua L (ag) wrote: A suspenseful well made WW2 film. A good spy film if you have the 2 hours and can watch a subtitled movie. It's not like a stupid austin power movie for sure though.

Thomas M (ru) wrote: A funny and enjoyable film. Ran a tad bit long though.

Michael N (ru) wrote: decent movie. but jonathan caouette makes me ill and the film's last act really felt... creepy/wrong.

Timmy H (us) wrote: could be way better, way better.

John A (de) wrote: Underrated And Often Overlooked Heist Movie. Kurt Russell & Kevin Costner Give Excellent Performances As Two Ex-Cons, Who Pull Off A Casino Heist While Dressed As Elvis. The Aftermath However Is An Action Riddled, Double-Crossing Affair. This Film Has Many Flaws, But It's Not As Bad As The Critics Make Out, It's A Good Heist Movie & A Great Action Flick. The Script Is Decent Enough For It's Cast To Work With, And It's Action Scenes Are A Delight To The Average Action Junkie. This Is A Film That's Great If You've Got 2 Hours To Spare, And You'll Probably Find It's Better Than Expected Due To The Critics Put Down. The Film Is Dark, Has A Classic Plot Of The Heist, The Double-Cross & The Aftermath Of The Heist, Sadly The Film Does Inject Some Bad Black Comedy Which Pulls The Film Down Slightly.

Cliff M (nl) wrote: If you ever needed proof that Jodie Foster can act, then this is it. Beautifully acted, moving story and directed with craftsmanship.

Al S (br) wrote: The classic tale of tragedy comes to the screen in the best adaptation of Hamlet ever. Three hours of pure and utterly brilliant film-making, that's packed with great sets, thrilling craft and astonishing performances that will grab you and not let go for a moment. A complex, exciting and dynamic thriller that's laced with suspense and stunning craftsmanship. This film breathes new life into Shakespeare's greatest play. A true masterpiece of the stage and now film. An extremely powerful and unforgettable movie that's a thrill to watch. Patrick Stewart and David Tennant give superb, passionate and brilliant performances. Tennant gives a spectacular performance as Hamlet, a defining performance of a role for a generation. Tennant is wondefully breathtaking. Stewart is extraordinary, he gives such life and dedication to his complex role of Claudius. I love it, this movie is spellbinding from start to finish.

Brad W (br) wrote: Worthy follow up. If you liked the first, then this won't disappoint.

Stella D (fr) wrote: this amazing film stands in great contrast to ken russell's wild tale of possessed nuns, 'the devils'. also based on historical events in loudun, france in 1634, this film begins after the burning of the priest, urbain grandier, who was likely the victim of a political frameup engineered by the powerful cardinal richelieu. both films take the story at face value, suggesting if not literal demonic possession, at least sexual repression leading to mass hysteria. however this polish film couldn't be more unlike russell's psychedelic riot, choosing austere black and white minimalism to reproduce the medieval atmosphere. the haunting horror tale is also a love story between the possessed mother superior and her exorcisor. for as a hostile kabbalist tells the bewildered priest who reluctantly seeks his advice, love is at the root of everything on earth.

Justin S (au) wrote: Good music, atmosphere, city lights, funny parts.

Trina R (jp) wrote: Good thing this was only rented at one point - just had to push "STOP".