Ya tozhe khochu

Ya tozhe khochu

Sanja the Bandit after a particularly vicious shootout, stumbles into the musician Oleg at the local banya. Following a retelling of a semi-mythological story, the pair decide to make a pilgrimage to a "bell-tower of happiness".

Sanja the Bandit after a particularly vicious shootout, stumbles into the musician Oleg at the local banya. Following a retelling of a semi-mythological story, the pair decide to make a pilgrimage to a "bell-tower of happiness". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Twins S (ca) wrote: HEY IM the Italian guy in the plane!!!

Tammy R (ca) wrote: Very Uninformative! Just by doing a Google search and reading for 5 mins you will find more information than watching this movie for 1 1/2 hours. Not accurate looked nothing like Ed Gein and did not really dive into his life beginning or end. It just drops you off in the middle. The script and acting were also very sloppy.

Asa B (br) wrote: I watched two random films today and they both starred Miranda Richardson... bizarre. Anyway, this is an interesting adaptation of Robert Harris' book and it is certainly cast well, especially Rutger Hauer - he doesn't get the respect he truly deserves.

Jonathan D (br) wrote: This movie is long, boring and NOT that good. decent performances by the cast. It is very slow paced and the only good part is the end shoot out.

Simon D (it) wrote: There's no doubt that this is a successful feel-good film; even when you are non-plussed by Baseball. The bottom line of this is that it is, quite simply, a stupid story.

Jaime L (it) wrote: I never saw Bambi as a kid so I don't have a nostalgic connection to this so perhaps that hurt my feeling toward the film. I found it to be boring with no story to get attached to nor characters to bond with. Animation can only take me so far and there was nothing to go with the art. I guess the colors and music can entertain children but then again the film when Bambi isn't relying on cute animals instead of a plot there are actually a couple of scenes which I think could be rather frightening to young viewers, I was surprised to see this in an animated film from the 40s. Of course with these couple of suspenseful scenes comes the problem with tone. Goes from peaceful forest frolicking to terror back to peaceful frolicking with nothing to show for the breaks. They are never referred to again so along with the characters having zero development I simply did not care. Disappinting so-called "classic" from Disney.

Tor M (jp) wrote: Solid action flick with loads of politics and money involved. Some cheecky fella visits Sierra Leone to smuggle some diamonds. This is a rugged business and you are made to make enemies and shady friends you should stay far away from. At the same time a diamond digger is hiding a huge rock from his bosses and it costs him dearly. If he want's to see his family again, what's left of it at least, he must give up where he stashed it - knowing he probably will die afterwards. This is not an easy task, but when the two mentioned characters become friends and takes on trips and other adventures like fake reporters you are in for a rush.Well acted. The main trio does great in this film where the characters and they're development is key. Great story, still very easy to figure and predictable at many turns. A good thing there is many of them then. Cliches - plenty of them, and the film is using most of the big tricks, but it works. Most of them. Not that cliff ending, though. It get's a bit much at times, like calling in an air-raid (like it's no problem) and then running around in the middle of it. Pretty darn idiotic.I liked the film, but there are moments where I don't know if the main thing here is to fill it to the max with action, or keep the story and message.7 out of 10 yah's.

Cameren L (it) wrote: Even if it ultimately doesn't soar as high as its premise deserves, it's still a classic omnibus film. And I can't understand not liking the finale.

Jim T (ca) wrote: The one with the Basilisk. I'm not a fan of the first 2 Potter films. As you'd expect from the age of the main character it's very childish and silly in places, but more than it needed to be in my opinion.

Mark T (de) wrote: Like a cross between high school musical and waterloo road. That makes it sound rubbish, but it really isn't. Great 70s soundtrack too.

Adam R (gb) wrote: The future has arrived! I didn't expect to enjoy Meet The Robinsons as much as I did with it being another odd-looking computer-animated movie, but it was pretty awesome. Disney delivers a touching story with good supporting music, just the way I like it. (First viewing - In my mid-twenties)

Deepen T (us) wrote: Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times is one of the best satire movies. The movie manages to say everything even without a single dialogue. A movie worth watching.