Raj Singh Puri is best friends with L.K. Malhotra who is in turn younger brother to J.K. Malhotra. The brothers are business tycoons and Raj works in their company. Raj is father to three ...

Raj Singh Puri is best friends with L.K. Malhotra who is in turn younger brother to J.K. Malhotra. The brothers are business tycoons and Raj works in their company. Raj is father to three ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dinesh P (mx) wrote: Anurag Kashyap & Gangs off beat sensibility meets a commercial sensibility of Karan Johar and what you get Hasee to Phasee which is good but still u feel something missing. A rom com tries to get ur attention with routine wedding song etc but what is good is the mellowed down romance between 2 main characters. Parineeti and Siddarth both carry off their complex characters with ease. ACp Pradyuman scene is well conceived scene which gets laugh but other scenes strive hard to be comic but fail miserably. Lot of things are not fully explored especially background character of Parineeti & Siddarth. Guy who mimics Anu Malik is a great find. A movie is good for one time watch.

Dennis S (nl) wrote: Horrendous. A family in agony from start to finish. Sadistic without shades of gray. Difficult to watch - no let-up. Ugly portrayals of sex The lightest note was Leonard Cohen's and the music does not last long.

Richard C (au) wrote: Fuckin' Great Shnit.

Yukari O (gb) wrote: I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anthony M (ru) wrote: Good acting from Steve Evets. The story goes in several directions, and each one is good, but I would have liked it better if it focused on the relationship with the ex-wife rather than the gangsters. Still good though.

Alec B (ca) wrote: Out of all Miyazaki's films, this is the one most geared towards children. It has a beautiful innocence to it's narrative and as usual the animation is stunning, but it could be improved by having even just a tiny amount of stakes.

Emily L (ru) wrote: A fixture of my tweenage years.

Robert I (fr) wrote: Really weak action film considering those involved. I highly recommend reading the Wachowski's original script, WAAAAAY better than this film and thought provoking.

Killer K (ca) wrote: 1990's [b]Mirror, Mirror's[/b] main character, Megan, immediately reminds of this girl in my high school named Mary Rose Kogut, and, yes, she went by Mary Rose. She was the death rock looking punk girl that completely stood out from the crowd as the early 80's new wave movement had completely gone away by this time. And her death-white face and black clothing made her THE anomoly at school. She was in several of my English classes and nobody said anything about her looks or dejected her for it in all the time I observed this situation. However, in [b]Mirror, Mirror[/b] the basis for the horror that evolves is due to the "goth-chick-before there were-goth-chicks" being ostracized and before you can say Carrie-ripoff this film pulls some twists all its own that refrain it from becoming just another knock-off. For one, none of the guys are real a-holes - it's the snotty women who are the culprits of the alienating factor. Two, there's a whole historical backdrop involving the power of the mirror and how it came to be rather than inherit telekinesis being the revenge vehicle. Since there's no limitations to the power of the mirror, very imaginative murder set-pieces come to play - and anybody can go at anytime (the #1 rule in horror). The murders and the creep and shock scenes are done in such an original and atmospheric way (mostly thanks to the authentic ethereal score) that you just can't help but be suckered into it, especially the mirror "make-out" scene. A clip that should be seen to be believed. Sure there's yet another horror film with an "open ending," but this one puts a twist to it that's so unthinkable and nihilistic that I could just go along with it. So red herrings come to the forefront, but executed in such a unusual way that I just need to give this movie a positive recommendation for 80's movies horror buffs.

Julie R (ru) wrote: Now I have seen some bad 80s movies but I have to say this one is not that bad. It could have had a little more meat to the storyline. Their were more actors in this that I remember from others things than in the normal classic bad 80s movie.I may have to read the book to know the whole story on this movie.

Eric B (us) wrote: "Sweet Movie" has been described as one of the most disgusting films ever made, and while it does have some repellent scenes, they don't seem so dire when compared with any number of gory slasher flicks. Perhaps the description should be softened to "most disgusting, without using special effects"?Yugoslavian director Dusan Makavejev is said to be heavily influenced by psychologist Wilheim Reich, and I am not familiar enough with Reich's work to knowledgeably comment. The most relevant background which I gather from the Web is that Reich was an eccentric, semi-disgraced Freudian and Marxist with some extreme theories about the orgasm being key to releasing tension and regulating a healthy mind and body. So, I can see how "Sweet Movie" could serve to trigger primal urges as some sort of cathartic therapy, but I still don't know why Makavejev is so fixated on sexualizing food. Or if Reich shared this bent.This multi-language film opens like one of the era's druggy, subculture comedies such as "Kentucky Fried Movie" or "Tunnelvision." After a woman bellows a short, abrasive song which asks the timeless question "Is it cowshit or my beloved?", we see a bizarre TV game show which aims to crown "Miss World 1984." The winner must be a virgin, so the stage includes a rotating gynecological table where one "Dr. Littlefinger" can verify the contestants' purity. The prize is 50 billion dollars, plus a marriage to dairy magnate Mr. Dollars (John Vernon, three years before playing Dean Wormer in "Animal House").Once the good doctor peers into Miss Canada's vagina (which literally glows with virtue), there can be no doubt about the winner. The extravagant Dollars flies his new bride to his compound near Niagara Falls, and they embark on a life together. But not so fast -- the marriage is over within a day. Dollars swabs down his naked wife with rubbing alcohol and prepares to mount her but, oops, she discovers that he has a solid gold penis! She screams, flees and and her odyssey of self-discovery begins. (Vernon fans should realize that he only appears during the film's first 20 minutes, and that a stand-in presumably supplied the closeup of his golden organ.)Meanwhile, a second story emerges. An attractive blond woman triumphantly stands atop a barge sailing the canal of an unnamed city. (Or maybe it's the Seine in Paris?) Her ship is called "Survival" (this name turns ironic), and it has a huge representation of Karl Marx's head on the stern. Meanwhile, a cheery young man, dressed like an old-time Potemkin sailor, is madly trying to catch her attention from various waterside points. His courtship efforts seem cute and charming, until the ship comes across him merrily urinating at shore's edge, waving his penis at her. Kids today, I tell ya.From these modest beginnings, the story turns a bit peculiar. The runaway bride meets a leering black bodybuilder, who lives in an empty milk tower. After ravishing her, he packs her in a suitcase and flies her to Paris. There, she meets a famous Spanish actor/singer shooting a movie. At one point, she shows her lust for him by cracking two eggs over her head and smearing the yolk into her hair. Later, they have sex and somehow get glued together during coupling. This is where her string of lurid encounters started to remind me of the 1968 comedy "Candy.""Sweet Movie" is stuffed with depraved sights and dialogue, and continuing to detail them would be exhausting and counterproductive. There's a catchy song on the soundtrack, featuring lines such as "It's fun to have nothing/Do things in the nude/Oh, it's sweet to be hungry/it's finger-licking good." The blonde from the ship does a taboo striptease for three boys around 10 years old, with the suggestion that she has sex with them afterwards. A woman tenderly breastfeeds the heroine. There's a urine-based sponge bath. There is gruesome footage of a real-life mass burial. The blonde and sailor have sex in a large bin of white sugar, leading to a particularly shocking outcome.But all this pales next to the climactic set piece of obscenity (we're talking the last half hour!), where our Miss World ends up in a commune of people who were apparently known as Viennese Actionists. The group seems devoted to orgiastic, chaotic feasts of food and sex, and their antics turn truly grotesque. There is plenty of onscreen urination, self-induced vomiting and defecation, plus various folks enjoying the byproducts of those games. Food and body excretions become virtually indistinguishable from each other -- a large banquet table becomes a sloppy dumping ground for countless products both digested and undigested. Nothing is simulated. The notorious final scene finds the lead writhing nude in a vat of dark, gloppy chocolate for a commercial. It is not sexy.Something about the film's title, cartoonish poster graphics and candy theme made me flash on "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" beforehand. I imagined a splashy, sensual ambience with bright energy and high production values. I thought wrong. The look is gritty, low-budget and poorly lit, with lots of homely people doing distasteful things. There are no laughs beyond the opening game show, and no titillation which isn't tainted by more negative feelings. "Sweet Movie" is unique and perhaps braggable to have seen, but it's just not very good.

Bill B (au) wrote: I expected to like this more than I did, most of my dissatisfaction can most likely be chalked up to the fact that Christopher Lee is absent for the middle 30 or 45 minutes of the film and we're stuck following around these rich asshole hedonist types who eventually resurrect him and fall victim to his evil, but by that time I wasn't all that interested.A rental, but you can probably find better Lee/Drac material available before you have to track this one down.

bill s (br) wrote: Fun and playful look at the gun trade just do not think you're getting something out of a 60 minutes segment.