An honest and patriotic young man learns that politicians, and the wealthy, are not. Notable songs: "Jish path peh chala, us path peh mujhe pas to aane de, saathi na samaj, koi baat nahin, ...

An honest and patriotic young man learns that politicians, and the wealthy, are not. Notable songs: "Jish path peh chala, us path peh mujhe pas to aane de, saathi na samaj, koi baat nahin, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kyle M (es) wrote: An average Disney Channel high school flick that was sometimes overacted, but does show some stereotypical insights along with a good heart at an okay level to be considered that way. (B)(Full review coming soon - with better wording)

Anna C (br) wrote: all the time i was there thinking that the boy would be gay because of the mother death and the father attitudes, but he wasn't... maybe i've seen too many movies about that subject... anyway in the end I didn't like it too much

Brandon S (fr) wrote: A dull remake of an adventure classic. Dennis Quaid brings something of a strong performance to an otherwise fairly weak cast. I was very disappointed in Giovanni Ribsi. He hadn't disappointed me before, but he really let me down with this one. An average film thats overall pretty skippable.

Johnny B (mx) wrote: the action scenes were pretty sweet.

Thelma F (br) wrote: very true and very little violence that was different

Michael W (kr) wrote: Edge of your seat thriller has the Dragon as a late military courier foiling a terrorist plot when nuclear warheads are taken. In classic New Horizons fashion, steals anything it can from Die Hard and Under Siege, even basically saying so right on the box. Steve Garvey proves as reliable in the role of Major Tillman as he was on the basepaths for the Dodgers.

David S (ca) wrote: Usually, even in the worst of cases, you can find at least one redeemable quality in a film. Well, upon the finishing the film 'Werewolf', I realized that is completely false. This was a painful experience, and a prime target for the Mystery Science Theater crew. just flat out horrible...

Justin A (mx) wrote: It's pretty standard slasher stuff, but has quite a bit of gore at times. What makes the movie stand out a bit though, is the inclusion of Louise Lasser (best known for playing Mary Hartman on Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman). I have no idea if the part was written that way or if she just made it her own, but she is absolutely hysterical at times. She plays the hysterical mother, but she downplays it at just the right moments to make it so downbeat and awkwardly funny. The moments when she's on the phone trying to reach her boyfriend and the part where she runs to his place and slams on the glass doors is hilarious. Plus, her just horrible dress just had me rolling early on in the movie. She makes the entire movie worthwhile, and it was her scenes I found myself looking forward to most.The rest of the movie is pretty standard and nothing truly special. The gory bit in the woods where a victim is cut in half is great, but nothing else truly stood out. It's just another slasher, but not too bad.

Lucy M (us) wrote: There are a lot of things I could say about this movie, but I'll just say this: Shirley MacLaine is the luckiest woman in the planet. What I wouldn't give to be in her shoes in this role! I mean, what a cast of great, great men. Those were indeed the days. If you're not interested in the sexiness of the male cast, just go for the very funny and colorful story and acting, including great dance numbers and magnificent costumes! There really is nothing there not to love.

Donovan D (gb) wrote: Wow. I Shot Jesse James is a remarkably well crafted debut film, especially considering this was a low budget b-movie and this was Fuller's first time in the director's chair. Fuller shows even at this stage how a good script and direction can make just about any financial restraints a non-issue; the story is well paced, and he is able to get relatively good performances from his cast. In fact, I'd rate this film higher than many more famous big studio westerns. Obviously, the film is far from perfect, but it certainly signalled the arrival of a talented director.

ChillinDylan G (ru) wrote: Good sequel that is more somber in its tone with higher stakes now that they are older, though it is not as inspired or hopeful as the first. Delves much deeper into their individual emotions, fears, and troubles as opposed to the first which used more conceptual theories with some experiences intertwined that was more naive and innocent than this film. Was surprised by some of the things revealed in this film about the night they spent together in Vienna that were not disclosed in the first movie. Much shorter than the first film and, while good, it didn't have quite the same energy (which it shouldn't have). Looking forward to seeing the 3rd...Grade = 7/10

Scott M (it) wrote: i belive there is room for one more is there not ?

Alon G (mx) wrote: Woody Allen has always known how to bend reality just enough.Would recommend to true Woody Allen Fans