Yaar Pardesi

Yaar Pardesi

Bollywood 2012

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Joe C (us) wrote: Trailer was enough for me to dislike it

Eric K (it) wrote: A friend suggested this film to me and I had never heard of it. 4 months later, I finally got a chance to watch it on my friend's Netflix and it's probably the most bizarre but most original piece of work I've seen in quite a long time. It's disturbing, hilarious, sad, moving, and haunting all at once! If you see this on your Netflix, please take a look at it. You will either love it or hate it but either way, you will appreciate it for its original storytelling.

Jim S (ru) wrote: This is one of the most compelling and informative documentaries I have ever seen. One critic said in starts out well, but turns into and angry diatribe. Well, after watching this documentary I would have to say, it should. How can you see this TRUTH and not become angry? This documentary is even more relevant today, with America's economic collapse imminent than it was when it came out. This is a MUST SEE for all.

Bernadette C (us) wrote: First half-hour was dreadfully slow, and then it picked up a little and became moderately entertaining. It got some points for being about a flock of super-intelligent killer ravens infected with mad cow disease. No lie. The "surprise" twist at the end, however, completely killed the movie. I won't go so far as to say that my life would have been better without this movie, but it wouldn't have been worse if I had missed it.

(gb) wrote: Everything will be allright!!

wedstarfish 8 (fr) wrote: Scream 3 was a another masterpiece, with a great story and high body count, Scream 3 is awesome! The ending was the same as the last one, and this was more a comedy than a actual horror film, but it still was scary, chilling, and fun. A must watch if you loved the last two.

Arash X (es) wrote: Another bizzare & over-the-top nightmarish ride by Ken Russell, Explores the main characters' psyches in an intriguing way and the film's campy style makes it more enjoyable

Ben K (ca) wrote: Cool old school flick... one man vs the system (aka V 4 Vendetta) but with graff..... havent seen in ages...

Carlos M (gb) wrote: In his feature debut, Bla Tarr offers an uncomfortable look into communist Hungary using the Budapest school style of cinema verit and a camera that glides almost invisible among the non-professional actors, but it becomes a bit repetitious in the last half hour with a few redundant monologues.

Kevin N (it) wrote: A fine start to a terrific and successful comedy series, this Hope/Crosby adventure is almost always on target and very balanced. Though sometimes awkwardly sexist, the relationship between the boys and Lamour is touchingly strong and sincere- though I think Bob's character gives up a little too soon near the end, making for a disappointingly compromised ending. Jerry Colonna steals the show with his outrageous long-winded piano scene.

Kellan W (jp) wrote: This is my least favorite Kubrick movie I have seen so far (though a bad Kubrick movie is still better than a good movie). It's hard to pinpoint what my problem is with it, it just never really engaged me in the story like so many of his other films. Maybe because this is from 1957 and he was starting to come into his own, but this didn't really hit me on an emotional level at all like it was supposed to. Still a pretty good movie and I recommend it for war movie fans.