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Yagam torrent reviews

Christian C (mx) wrote: Although the male grooming topic is potentially intriguing (including mustache obsessions, metrosexuals, and competitive beard growing), there is no real focus through the divergent subtopics. Told with humor and a bit of satirized machismo, the documentary is lighthearted and does not offer any significant insight into deeper issues such as male insecurities with body image or cultural pressures on the modern American man. It's pure fluff: light, pleasant and unmemorable. As a "documentary", it's flimsy and undeserving.

Paul T (ag) wrote: I don't know why, but I kinda liked this movie.

Austin J (jp) wrote: Laugh out loud funny it's not bad who ever says it is is just stupid retards that dong get good comedy

Michael T (gb) wrote: Enigmatic, slow-moving.

Lindsay B (ru) wrote: I watched this on fast forward. It was still crap.

jubeI c (gb) wrote: Great Movie! Takes me back to the days of John Woo's Triad films. A super-lite story line, but you don't go in to these type of movies expecting a Grammy award winning performance. What you do get is well executed fight scene's pop culture references to other assassin movies and "to kool for school dialogue", all the ingredients you need to make up a great high tale, comic-book like assassin flick.

Laurent P (it) wrote: Les pessimistes freres Pastor n'en decollent pas de la fin du monde et apres le maitrise Carriers reviennent en terre natale semer le chaos a Barcelone. Si l'histoire peine beaucoup trouver une vraisemblance dans beaucoup de ses situations (non sens, personnages improbables), son inventivite et son souffle epique font largement la nique aux grosses machines hollywoodiennes sans allant.

Jeff B (ru) wrote: Okay but extremely stagey film starring Jane Fonda as a psychiatrist who tries to find out why nave nun Meg Tilly killed her baby in the convent. The acting is good, though everyone was pretty much over the top, especially Fonda??s hair, though Anne Bancroft is great as usual as the Mother Superior. I read that Amanda Plummer was in the original stage production as Agnes and something tells me she would have been much better. I felt this dragged on at parts and other parts it didn??t explain enough (??You??ve got the stigmata? Who cares, where do babies come from?!??) This could have been much better if it had a better script.

jay n (br) wrote: saucy betty, strapping keel, good fun although a reportedly a nightmare to make.

Christopher N (gb) wrote: I thought I liked this film until I saw it again last night and realized what I had liked is the wonderful b-roll of San Francisco in 1946. The story makes the most sense as the dream of a madman. Acting good, setting good, but the story is paranoically insane.

Adam R (mx) wrote: "Watching the fate of millions being settled by an old-fashioned fistfight on a rickety steel bridge (intercut with closeups of the bolts popping loose and the structure sagging ominously), I was almost amused by the shabby storytelling. In this film, the starship can go boldly where no one has gone before, but the screenwriters can only do vice versa" (Roger Ebert).

Japes (gb) wrote: Awesome movie. There's a nice buildup of Lowe's character Alex. It makes Alex seem like a great guy after he stands up for Michael, and they have a nice friendship together, until the relationship slowly spirals into an out of control life or death situation. The pacing of this movie is perfect; not too fast and not too slow. There aren't any boring parts either, which I'm very thankful for. Nothing worse than watching a boring movie. Both characters are likable (at least until Lowe's true character is established), and they both have qualities that make them seem like real individuals. The development of Spader's character was great. I like seeing a character evolve into a completely different one by the end of a movie. It was a slow transition from shy/passive office worker to aggressive/violent gunman, but it worked. It was awesome. It was a very cool movie to watch.