Yam yasothon

Yam yasothon


Set in a rural village in the 1960's Yam tries to get away from Jaew. On the night before Jaew leaves for Bangkok, Yam has a change of heart ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Yam yasothon torrent reviews

Paul B (au) wrote: Pretty damn bad unfortunately :(

philip g (nl) wrote: great dramatization of the true American pastime... lacrosse!

ButtSlut M (gb) wrote: This movie makes me wish I was a boy so I could get a sex change and participate in all the wacky ladyman hijinks.

Vicki M (us) wrote: Loved it, loved it, loved it!! The characters were amazingly played. Exploring the deeper side of the human condition. Busy Philipps brought me to tears. I had never heard of it and came across it by accident. So glad that I did. I own it now.

Naeem S (nl) wrote: have seen it buttttttttttttttttt still love to watch again good music

Thomas E (ag) wrote: You could write a dissertation on the shitness of this film. Barely recognisable as a film, indeed. More swearing than a week at Tourettes Anonymous, men so fat they have speech impediments that disguises the genius of the script-writing, special effects that make Knightmare look high definition. Every time Big Pun speaks direct to camera with his 'straight up gangsta shit' is hilariously camp. Everyone is airbrushed like an Athena poster and Snoop looks like the slightly perturbed lovechild of Whoopi Goldberg and Shirley Temple with a bad case of constipation. The acting beggars belief - reminiscent of a school production peopled by absolute simpletons. A truly laughable waste of time. Highly recommended. Can't wait to listen to the Director's Commentary. Remember - "You can't fuck with the righteous and get away..."

Teresa S (au) wrote: one of the best family movies ever

Blair K (jp) wrote: to me this is corey haim's absolute best role. he shines in it! the movie itself is sad in parts but uplifting as well. you feel for lucas and what he goes thru. i really liked the friendship between him and winona ryder in the movie. very good chemistry between them. this movie never gets old! :)

Cameron F (kr) wrote: A teenager finds his one true love; a classic car that is possessed and starts to control its owner. Maybe not the best adaptation of a King novel but certainly one of the better ones.

James H (au) wrote: Excellent drama with a superb cast. Thomas Mitchell stands out the most and does a great job in a supporting role. The cinematography is superb, Ben Hecht does an amazing job directing. A great classic.

Robert D (it) wrote: Not quite in the same league with "Lincoln," but displays a lot of the techniques that Spielberg has perfected in subsequent decades. Goldie Hawn puts in a star performance

Farsheed F (ca) wrote: looked funny at first, and then I thought it through, I am going to sneak into this one or wait for it to pop up on fx