Yamagata Scream

Yamagata Scream

High school seniors Mikayo (Riko Narumi), Chuko (Mirei Kiritani), Kei (Saaya) are forced to join a historical research club to fulfill a graduation requirement. Their teacher, Mr. Kachi, plans a mandatory club trip to a small village called Oshakabe in Yamagata prefecture to study remnants of an ancient clan of warriors called the ochimusha who displayed legendary cowardice in battle. When they arrive, the local villagers hold a special ceremony and construct a "super shrine". As a result, an 800-year seal is broken, unleashing a curse that causes the ochimusha to rise from the grave.

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Yamagata Scream torrent reviews

Ben G (mx) wrote: Well acted, written, directed, filmed coming of age Japanese movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Drew R (us) wrote: The last 5-10 minutes are its only redeeming quality, and they're not worth the other hour and a half of movie.

David M (ca) wrote: Wow, it's been awhile since i watched a horror movie this bad. Their isn't much redeeming about watching this movie. The acting is beyond bad, the script has so many jumps you can't stay focused on it, the killings sucked for the most part, and not a bit of humour to it. The only good thing about the movie was how good the clown zombies looked. Stay as far away from this as possible.

Jordan H (ca) wrote: Love this movie. The acting, the story, the characters, all of it was a work of art.

Robert C (kr) wrote: Four words: Linda, Blair, Disco, Skates. Need I say more? Ok here's some more: terribly dated, totally predictable, badly acted. Yet it's kind of like a car crash that you just feel compelled to look at, when you know you should be looking away. Ultimately good cheesy fun and not much more. This film is listed among the 100 Most Enjoyably Bad Movies Ever Made in Golden Raspberry Award founder John Wilson's book THE OFFICIAL RAZZIE MOVIE GUIDE.

William D (kr) wrote: '1900' is a gargantuan, multi-lingual, five-hour epic that has some inspired moments but for the most part spins its wheels. Very often it is laughably bad. Writer/director Bernardo Bertolucci seems to have been inspired by the 'Godfather' epic, even to the point where he hired Robert De Niro as one of his lead actors. But '1900' is vastly inferior to Francis Ford Coppola's 'Godfather' films. The central gimmick is that two boys are born on the same day on a remote Italian plantation in the year 1900. One is a peasant; the other is the plantation owner's son. The boys become very close and intimate, so much so that they masturbate together on more than one occasion. But they are not boyfriends. As adults they are played by Gerard Depardieu (the peasant) and de Niro. But Bertolucci doesn't so much care about these men as individuals; he cares about using them to explore issues of class and politics. The two are stand-ins for the socio-political struggles that made the first half of the 20th century so tumultuous, especially in Europe. Depardieu is the Communist-Supporting Peasantry, and de Niro the Fascist-Supporting Aristocracy. Bertolucci assembled an international cast, with each actor delivering lines in his native language, be it Italian, English, or French. He then added dubbing to release the film in each country with no subtitles. Thus in the American version, de Niro's vocal track is normal, but Depardieu and all the Italian actors are dubbed. And it's the worst dubbing job I think I've ever seen. Dubbing almost never works, but here it's a disaster. Nothing is quite so ridiculous as hearing Italian peasants sound like perky American college students. The politics are also laughably simplistic and one-sided. The Communists are all depicted as earnest do-gooders, and the Fascists are depicted as those who rape and kill schoolboys and then arrest peasants for these crimes. (There is an odd undercurrent of homo-eroticism through the entire project, complete with de Niro and Depardieu doing full-frontal nudity together during yet another masturbation scene.) Donald Sutherland plays the biggest, baddest Black Shirt in the village. He does what he can to give the acting credibility, but there's not much you can do when the characterization is so ridiculous. Sutherland's Fascist girlfriend has a bizarre voice that makes her sound like Satan from 'The Exorcist,' which had come out just two years prior. I honestly think that Bertolucci looked for an actress who could do that voice. Oh, Bernardo, what the hell was going on for you during this strange project?

Henrik E (jp) wrote: Toshiro rules once again! Good story with a nice twist and as always the oldscool japanese black and white filming is an artform by it self.

Mvke S (us) wrote: Ghouls and ghosts this movie is scaringly good. Its phenomenalolgical. Yes that's a word. Loom it up. I don't believe it makes since in the context though. But still look it up. Wanna bet. It's a word.