Yami no kodomo-tachi

Yami no kodomo-tachi

A Middle-aged Japanese ex-pat journalist investigates child organ trafficking in Thailand and he uncovers a sinister network.

A Middle-aged Japanese ex-pat journalist investigates child organ trafficking in Thailand and he uncovers a sinister network. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (ag) wrote: Has a smart style, but it's a labouring storyline throughout.

Jerry C (au) wrote: Okay, so it's a comedy about bass fishing, starring Billy Ray Cyrus. That's just what it is. And against all odds, it's rather enjoyable.

Cait (mx) wrote: How the hell did this get four stars? Mark Dacascos can't act worth shit and the fighting scenes were just okay. The storyline was GAY and it fulfilled it's horrible promise with unrelenting gay acting and one of the most bizarre and confusing endings I've ever seen and I've seen some POS movies, believe me.

Caitlin L (nl) wrote: Disappointing. A very odd story.

Austin G (ag) wrote: I would have given this film a 3.5 or a 4 even, but the 3rd act was entirely too laughable, and boring. The first two acts are good, however.


Timm S (au) wrote: Slow & Depressing..Doesn't Want To Make Me Visit Scotland Anytime Soon. Holiday On A Barge Down The Rivers Anyone?? Not Me....No Way! Although Sex & Dirt Do Seem To Go Nicely Together. ;-)

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George I (ru) wrote: Probably my favorite John Wayne movie, though my first time watching it from the beginning (caught it on TV once; missed the first 30-45 minutes). Also my favorite of the trio of films that are considered to be pretty much the same by some fans. I recall Rio Lobo to be quite different from this and Rio Bravo and not as good as the other two. Leigh Brackett, the woman credited with making Empire Strikes Back the strongest of the original Star Wars movies, narratively, is the writer here and I only take issue with some of the dialog written for the female lead. A great action film that also features James Caan and Ed Asner, dated mostly by a lack of flowing blood and Nelson Riddle's musical cues which sound like they belonged on the Batman series he was working on at the time.

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Tristan P (mx) wrote: Broken City boasts several strong performances and a decent conclusion, but a convoluted plot, no real character development, and poor writing make for a less than satisfying film.

Kevin P (us) wrote: loved it. Danny McBride (Rico) is hilarious.

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