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Jack R (ca) wrote: I found Billy Crudup the best thing in this film. I'm becoming more of a fan

Chad G (ag) wrote: such a dark, yet uplifting movie. A very different role for Christopher Walken, but he plays it well. I enjoyed this.

Kaitlyn J (de) wrote: cute movie. good storyline.

John K (br) wrote: A comedy doesn't work if it's not funny.

Andrew K (kr) wrote: An utterly stupid movie with a half good concept. There's a part where this ancient Djinn (genie) who generally has a profound old-world style speech says "The shit just hit the fan," "That hurt like hell," and "Fuck it!"

Leigh A (de) wrote: Sorry, even Hugh Dancy couldn't save this one. One of the most horrendous wastes of talent ever made.

Caely D (jp) wrote: I fell in love with it as soon as I pressed play. Coleman is so cute and when in Bobby's (Corey Feldman) body he makes the quientisencial perfect guy. Loved every minute of it!!!

Bryan L (it) wrote: It's not entirely bad, it's just not entirely good. The beginning starts off pretty laughable. The movie doesn't attempt to take itself seriously, it's almost like a Naked Gun movie. The alien part doesn't really make any sense but the movie revolves around the two guys moving from scene to scene encountering random shit like a 'clown attack'. I did laugh out loud when later in the movie Ritter almost shoots a real clown and mutters "a guy could get shot walking around dressed like that". I seriously think that the South Park episode about Junior Detectives ripped parts of this movie off, especially the "bang! bang! bang!" And the part about Belushi's 'dad' was really just kind of weird.

Miguel A (us) wrote: Talvez inspirado pelo mtodo de Cornel Wilde, George C. Scott aproveitou a sua reputao para levar avante uns quantos filmes demasiado "selvagens" para conhecerem o apoio de grandes estdios. Aqui C. Scott protagoniza e realiza um filme de nufragos que, apesar de ter mais de 40 anos, resiste como objecto nada apropriado para ver em famlia. No admira que Leonard Maltin lhe tenha atribudo a pior nota possvel (BOMB). "The Savage is Loose" de facto duro e exigente, mas possui o muito singular atrevimento de encarar as relaes humanas da maneira mais primria e animal.

Sammie Girl (au) wrote: Another one of my favorite Corman/Price/Poe films. Very well done

Jen and Ben (it) wrote: Love this movie, if you haven't seen it, then you need to.

danielle b (au) wrote: could watch it over and over again