Yangsan Island

Yangsan Island

Two lovers are forced into suicide as the only way to maintain their forbidden love.

Two lovers are forced into suicide as the only way to maintain their forbidden love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael L (us) wrote: MUSEUM HOURS is pure perfection. A slow meditative film that surprises at every turn. The unique, but very real, relationship at its core is also a metaphor for art, the artfulness of life, and the extraordinary that is present in the every day. There are moments in MUSEUM HOURS that truly memorize and make you re-evaluate life but the closing images are perhaps the most relevant and bring this entire joyous film all together. Never sentimental, rarely emotional, and often downright sad, MUSEUM HOURS addresses the full spectrum of human existence in less than 2 hours. An amazing accomplishment as fine as the art on display in the museum referred to in the title.

Luke E (br) wrote: My last film for MIFF was definitly one of the more interesting ones. Adapted from Christos Tsiolkas's novel, It follows Issac (Ewan Leslie) an Australian son of Greek Parents, works as a skilled photographer and has his own gallery. While he's planning to visit Greece himself this conflicts with his family's dark past. what follows is Issac's journey to discovery what they've been hiding and the meaning of a mysterious curse thats been linked to the death of his late father. I do have some problems when it comes to undertanding the themes of Tsiolkas' fictional story, thus in the film's plot I failed to emotionally connect yet sympathise with many of the film's major characters. I have no criticisms however to Tony Krawitz's Direction and the cinematography of the film; making a very pretty cultural portrait of Greece and other countries. I also have no criticisms to the acting, it was well casted and supurbly acted. Kodi Smit-McPhee's character was probably the only one who you could sympathise with because of how well his character was written and acted. overall I thought Dead Europe was very good, but I can't say I really liked it.

Steven L (ru) wrote: Here's another film that really benefitted from discussion. The director was methodical in his story telling, yet sneaky in his camera choices. People were deliberately left out of frames in several scenes, providing extra focus on one character while minimizing the other's impact in the scene. We've seen this same adulterous affair played out in countless movies, but this was one of the first I've seen where the script tried to humanize each player. No one wins in these situations, and he made it clear that, even after the end of the script, the characters had much more to overcome. I'd like to watch it again to pay more attention to the periphery and less to the subtitles.

Ayrton Anthony C (us) wrote: No es tan genial como su predecesora, pero sigue entreteniendo.

Thomas E (kr) wrote: A pretty good movie. It violates comic book canon, but hey, its a movie. And its decent. By Green Lantern standards it deserves an Oscar.

Derrick W (fr) wrote: if it wasn't for that Batman Beat down video on YouTube, I would've never heard of this documentary. The film follows 4 delusional individuals who dress like superheroes on the Hollywood strip, hoping to propel this 'side job' into a movie career. To say the least, it's a pretty depressing film.

Andrew K (us) wrote: what is up with the pokemon and now yugioh movies getting bad reviews because "if you're not a fan of the show/card game you won't like this movie?" NO FUCKING SHIT! That's like giving the Avengers movie a review that says "If you're not a fan of Iron Man, Thor, and other Marvel heroes, you won't like it." Well being a huge fan of yugioh (the card game and the tv show) I have to say that as far as spin-off movies go for animes, this is by far the greatest I've ever seen. It fits so well in the story of the series having watched it, I always re-watch whenever I'm re-watching the series. The duels are great featuring fan favorite cards an plenty of new ones. The characters are just as likeable and badass as they are in the tv show (with the exception of Anubis who is a very stereotypical and bland villain all in all) the animation is slick, and there's plenty of ridiculous moments in it also just like the show.Bottom line: If you're not retarded and actually are curious to see a movie based off of a show that you like, Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie is a safe bet. See also Pokemon 1, 2, and perhaps 3.

Justin T (jp) wrote: A silly film that is not in the least bit funny.

Karen K (es) wrote: omg i wanted to see that but i couldn't...

Bruno V (ru) wrote: Lots of story's ...one better then the other ! Not that bad . SOMDVD

monsieur r (ru) wrote: Candy is cast superbly in this rather predictable plot. Many funny scenes. Well worth your time especially if you like John Candy.