A man referred to only as "Yankee" rides into a dying, desolate town in frontier New Mexico which is completely controlled by a man called the "Grand Cougar." Almost immediately, a battle for dominance ensues.

A man referred to only as "Yankee" rides into a dying, desolate town in frontier New Mexico which is completely controlled by a man called the "Grand Cougar." Almost immediately, a battle for dominance ensues. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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BG L (de) wrote: Even Robert Duvall's abilities cannot save this incongruous and stereotypical view of a Mexican border town where a gringo arrives with a gun tucked into his pants , while a Mexican hitman named Cholo uses a silencer. To complete this total leap from reality is a Mexican stripper who instead of speaking Spanish has a fondness for the F word. If you can make it through this movie past halfway, you are doing better than I could.

Christopher C (au) wrote: Zippy and delightful!

Imtia R (br) wrote: this movie is all about a son of kaiju (demon or monster or whatever u think :P )... named Duncan Rosenblatt... his mother (Margaret Rosenblatt) and that kaiju (Belloc)felled in love with each other... after this birth of baby its mean our hero Duncan Rosenblatt ;) (i even not understand how is this possible :P ????)then then then a long story.... u better watch.... actually i don't found any enjoyment watching this animated movie.. :(

Steve B (jp) wrote: Quantum Edition IS the best edition. Science meets Mysticism in this AMAZING thought provoking film

Sarah H (br) wrote: It was addapted from a stage play and at times it almost feels like it should still be on the stage. They didn't complete the transition from the stage production to the film version, the way it is shot makes it feel at times like I was actually at a theatre. I'm not entirely sure that was a good thing or what they were intending. It was a good story and I kinda figured it out before you find out who done it. But it was pretty good.

Tim M (gb) wrote: Kitamura (Midnight Meat Train) flourishes with zooms, pans, and lots of circling. It's a classic yakuza zomedy. Impressive debut by Sakaguchi. Longer and slower than I remember.

LaToria P (de) wrote: I love this movie for it to be Aaliyah's first movie she did an amazing job. It's a mixture of action, family and love.

Ivan L (br) wrote: pues s padre pero la verdad ya es casi lo mismo que las otras dos

Trenton R (jp) wrote: Babe: Pig in the City is what I think of when I think of a perfect movie: countless loveable characters, a story that's perfect for adults and kids, perfect mix of drama and comedy, and breathtaking visuals. This is an occasion where I strongly disagree with Rotten Tomatoes. Only 61% to this gem? We've got some problems.

(us) wrote: I'm not even interested in seeing this movie.

Derek J (ca) wrote: Really not that great

Lesley N (us) wrote: English drama about a workshy family hanging around their council flat and going down the pub and bickering, mostly. Sometimes Mike Leigh's improv dramas work, sometimes they just dribble on for a bit and then stop. This is one of the dribblers, but it WAS his first film, so he's allowed. Anyway if he'd made it later his budget might never have stretched to the cast; Tim Roth plus Gary Oldman plus Alfred Molina plus Phil Daniels equals a meal at the Ritz for the price of a KFC bargain bucket.

Kajori A (br) wrote: The scene in which Dayamayee, fearful and confused, refuses her husband's offer of help, saying, 'What if I am indeed the goddess?' is one of the scariest I have ever seen. And while I do agree that Daya is an unwitting pawn in the web of competing male expectations, I don't think that this is necessarily a comment on religious hypocrisy (so it has been suggested!). Kalikinkar is misguided, desperate and self-absorbed, but hardly evil, Uma is a 'modern' young man, who is nevertheless unable to stand up to his father, and Daya is too young and too inexperienced to make sense of the predicament she is in. When her husband wants to take her away from Khoka to whom she has become overly attached or her father-in-law addresses her as "mother", she feels these are, to quote Manashi Dasgupta, "loving gestures". Surely, it is a combination of all these factors that lead to the final tragic outcome. Ray is too nuanced a filmmaker to simplify a complex, human problem or offer easy solutions.

Bill K (br) wrote: I can't believe Robert Mitchum lowered himself to do this movie. Possibly the worst movie I've ever seen!

Jonny P (es) wrote: "Call Northside 777" is not as good as you might think from reading the synopsis. I appreciate that the film is based on a true story but I expected a riveting thriller and got a slow-paced look at the newspaper world. The ending is fascinating... it's just too bad that the method of getting to the last 20 minutes is painfully slow. Those 20 minutes combined with the performances by Stewart, Lee J. Cobb, Helen Walker, and Richard Conte are enjoyable, but that's about it. I suppose that each piece of the puzzle is interesting if you look at it individually but in context, it seems like we're moving in slow motion to get from one point to the next. I found issues with the film from the very start, particularly the opening narration about prohibition for the first 10 minutes. If I hadn't known that Jimmy Stewart was in it, I likely would have assumed it was a documentary and turned it off. Even the title of the film has very little to do with the story. Once you start watching "Call Northside 777," you can't stop because you have to find out if Stewart can prove the prisoner innocent. But if you never start, you probably won't be missing much.

Randolph G (it) wrote: Brilliant performance by William Powell as Clare, as the banker/father of a family in NYC in at the end of the 19th Century. Powell tries to run his house on a business basis. He is master of his house, except when his wife discovers that he has never been baptized. One of the cleverest comedies ever filmed.

Philippa W (ru) wrote: Unlike the other Hepburn films I've seen, this one has dated badly. Comes across as sexist and reactionary, which left me unable to enjoy the comedic moments. I still love Hepburn though.

Valerie O (de) wrote: this film really made me think about what would happen if the US power grids failed long term.

Joshua D (br) wrote: I Love You Phillip Morris is an enjoyable film without a lasting stamp.

Heljo33 (br) wrote: I laughed out loud at some parts, found the movie enjoyable espec scenes with Keegan-Michael Key in them! He and Damon were grt together. Downside to move was nad acting from some of the female actors like the one playing Damon's love interest. Need more to being an actor then being hot.