A powerful and princely Sheikh lives in 18th Century Persia, makes a living renting out properties, and recovering taxes and dues on them. He lives in a palatial house with his wife, Zubeda, and son, Ahmad. When Ahmad grows up, Zubeda notices that he is spending too much time with women in their harem, and wants his father to get him involved in their business. Sheikh accordingly instructs Ahmad to collect all revenue, which he does so. A few days later, Sheikh is informed that Ahmad has been spending time with a friend named Farid, and is romantically involved with a dancing girl named Yasmin. A visibly upset Sheikh accordingly warns Ahmad to mend his ways, give up on Yasmin and return home, where he has planned his marriage with Nadira, the daughter of Amir Qasim.

A powerful and princely Sheikh lives in 18th Century Persia, makes a living renting out properties, and recovering taxes and dues on them. He lives in a palatial house with his wife, Zubeda... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cody Y (mx) wrote: Toni Collette is really good, very creepy. That is about all I have to say in praise of this film, which is rather sad, because the director showed serious promise with The Business of Strangers. Sandra Oh too, is good, but her role is far too brief.

Edgar C (us) wrote: A depressing psychological drama that focuses on the most common conflicts and intense emotional states taken to an extreme, caused mainly by our ignorance, unfaithfulness and hipocresy, but specially because of our own personality conflicts. A modern rare gem with a nice cast and performances. Intense. Take it as an extended episode of Desperate Housewives but directed in a much better way.74/100

Alexander C (kr) wrote: Could be worth a viewing, would like to see it sometime in the future.

Anthony R (br) wrote: Needed a bit more suspense otherwise an okay movie

Nichole H (br) wrote: lovely story line. passion and intimacy of first love from different cultures and backgrounds

Bill T (de) wrote: As awful as this is, and yes, it is pretty bad, I could'nt help to think what a cult movie this could really be, because Tim Daly IS quite funny in this movie, and Sean Young is as wooden as ever. The "Jeckyll turns into a woman" plot line has been done before, and the plot (especially the ending) has some giant question marks in it, but this plays up the gender thing quite well, and well, if Sean Young can woo Harvey Fierstein into believing he's falling in love with a woman...

Alan R (ca) wrote: watching this oldie but goodie horror flick

Alex M (ag) wrote: i really liked it. and to think sidney lumet did this! awesome

Jed D (nl) wrote: "It never gets old." I love these movies.

Brian S (ca) wrote: didn't care for this movie at all....it struck me as incredibly pointless. it's not entirely unentertaining, however. the acting is decent, the characters are distinct, and the overall story has a very realistic and believable flavour to it. unfortunately, it's just not a story that makes for good drama. the closing conversation between Gretta and Gabriel started to get a little interesting, but everything before that was just a lot of people talking about nothing in particular. there wasn't any conflict, or even any indication of conflict until Gretta heard Mr. D'Arcy singing. maybe I just don't understand what James Joyce and John Huston were aiming at here, but this movie for me is just one big forgettable yawn.

Private U (es) wrote: Wonderful in it's ridiculousness. You know it's kooky the whole time you're watching, but it's not until the Bee Girls all of a sudden start diving underneath their lab frocks for their own breasts that you realize just how out-there this movie really is. Sci-fi meets pornography, really. I find it wildly entertaining. "Imagine--coming and going at the same time!"

Jayden J (ru) wrote: A riveting animated film that exceeds expectations, and handles both comedy and drama effectively.