Year of the Gun

Year of the Gun

In this thriller, American novelist David Raybourne (Andrew McCarthy) accidentally becomes entangled in the Red Brigade's terrorist plan to kidnap Italian Premier Aldo Moro during a research trip to Rome. As the terrorists attempt to kill David, he and his photojournalist friend (Sharon Stone) must struggle to stay alive.

David Raybourne is an American journalist covering political news in Italy during the 1970's. He is evolved with the Red Brigades when trying to help a friend (Alison King), who ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Year of the Gun torrent reviews

Omori T (gb) wrote: I want to see it again

Mohammed A (es) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Tricia J (nl) wrote: Normally Syfy makes the way crappy movies when they come out with one unlike the series they create are awesome. The movies tend to be unwatchable for me cause you can tell what is fake or the acting is very bad or the story is bad. I was actually happy to watch it all the way through without changing the channel and was watchable. Also probably cause it had some good actors like Lauren Holly (NCIS) and Lance Henriksen (Alliens, Pumpkinhead) which is why I kept watching. The costume/gores were not that bad at all either but there was some moments it could have been worked on more to look real which was little compared to other movies that you can tell. So was pretty happy for Syfy making this the 200 original movie, only if they could keep doing movies like this, I would like to watch their movies more. I can't seem to give this move a 4 or 5 rating even though it was much better, the ending is what could have been better then what was done:-( Almost Syfy, you guys are getting there, lol.

Claire L (nl) wrote: I enjoyed this movie for the most part, but I found it slightly annoying to try and keep up with what team Jaya was dancing on. For stepping, the choreography was pretty good. Typically stepping is kind of annoying to me because it seems kind of angry. But I enjoyed most of the dances here! Worth a watch if you enjoy stepping!

Joseph C (ag) wrote: She is almost deaf and she lip-reads. He is an ex-convict. She wants to help him. He thinks no one can help except himself.

Ben B (gb) wrote: parts were better than the whole. but interesting.

Joel A (mx) wrote: To my knowledge this was Alfred Hitchcock's second last film which echoed back to his first hit in the mid 1920's The Lodger.The story of a serial rapist & murderer who likes to finish his victims with a neck tie. The London public & police target this low life Londoner & miss the clue the killer is someone more suave & polished.Despite hitch's age nearly 80 he was master behind the camera & due to the change in censorship he stepped up the terror. A well made thriller & a great story.