After a bombing raid destroys the family store and her husband, Reiko rebuilds and runs the shop out of love stopped short by destruction.

19yo girl loses husband in war. Bombing destroys his family's shop and the widow stays to rebuild it as the rest of the family flee and runs it for 18 years out of love for her dead husband... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andy W (br) wrote: Journal de France provides a fascinating look into the works of photographer/ director Raymond Depardon, whose cinema verite remains riveting, inspiring and poignant to this day.

Gaspar O (mx) wrote: This should have been called Bad CGI Chupacabra vs Ponch On Bad Green Screen. The "special" effects were bad as well. That all being said, there were elements that were entertaining, there was a small amount of gore and plenty of humor, both intentional and not. The Alamo tour guide was fairly awesome. He made this one more tolerable for me.

Spookie M (ru) wrote: Ok tribute to HG Lewis and the golden age of splatter. Amusing in doses but mostly boring.

Mary B (de) wrote: Not bad, but too spooky for me. Not my kind of movie.

Ari S (it) wrote: I have come back to watch this film several times since it's released for many reasons. One of which is my constant question on Bloom. It's takin a while but I've concluded that with the dialogue, progression and what's happened to him his depiction is actually portrayed well. Here's why. He is a man who has lost everything and progressively coming into his own as a man. People are telling him there opinions and he is learning, taking things in and understanding so that he is no longer reactive (killing his brother in the beginning although he deserved it) but pensive, introspective and quiet. In act 3 you can see his faith and confidence in who he is becoming is apparent and believable. The film puts a lot of pressure on him to act without saying anything and some actors are inherently amazing at portraying that like Tom Hardy, Gosling or DiCaprio. However those actors all were perceived as talented and are established before taking on there first leading 100 mil drama films and notions were that they are talented because they had done enough to prove it. With Bloom he hasn't done any films that require him to truly act and gain the respect so when I first saw him my notion was oh he sucks but if u take into account the way he slowly and progressively portrays himself you will see the qualities I'm talking about. End of the day he's just a little above average but the director cut of this film is not just visually beautiful, it has the ability to sink in and appreciate if you can get past some of its pre conceived character short comings. I loved the film and I knew that the Bloom casting was bugging me but couldn't put my finger on it until I allowed my self to look at it from another perspective.

Hollie T (ru) wrote: I wonder if there was any sort of legal repercussions as the music for Kolobos bears a strong resemblance to Goblin's score for Suspiria. A perfect little time capsule of the late 1990s, my high school days. Made me miss my ugly blue sweater with rainbow stripes down the sleeves.

James H (fr) wrote: Jeez, the critics were brutal to this film. It's hardly that bad! I found some of it funny, it doesn't always work, but it is watchable and I though the cast did a good job, especially Rick Moranis. He is well cast.

Randy C (fr) wrote: Great! My kind of movie. Its in French, with subtitles, and the entire plot is not typical and had me re watching parts just to figure it out and these I consider plusses.

Nicholas G (it) wrote: I never liked Stallone as an actor and I didn't like this movie. There a few good action sequences but the plot was terrible. If you think about how the fight started between Rambo and the other, it makes zero sense.

Andy P (mx) wrote: Warren Beatty's epic biopic is at once a heart-rending epic love story and an effective presentation of politics and ideological conflict.

Max G (de) wrote: A fun film with great dance numbers and songs. The only bad thing is the ending leaves a lot of sub-plots unresolved.Overall a 9/10 or 4.5 stars

Scott B (es) wrote: I've no doubt that if this movie was made during the Millennium era, it would feature pretty much every big foe of the Big G's would be here. But no, back in the 1970s these movies were written by professional makers of film and not kids who woke up in the candy shop one morning and went crazy. That said, that never gave even the bad movies a pass, and while this isn't a bad movie, it isn't a very good movie either and definitely one of the weakest Godzilla movies. The main problem here is Mechagodzilla. While he was fun to watch in Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla, here his presence, despite being the billing point, seems thrown in at the last second.

Daniel K (es) wrote: 3.5: Fritz Lang has a very recognizable visual style and this is a perfect example of him on form. It is kind of disguised as a propaganda picture, but I have to say it easily could have been made Hitchcock. Lang has his own take on the situation, but the parallels between this story and Hitchcock's standard narrative are numerous. It's basically a WWII propaganda/Lang/Hitchcock/noir/detective/thriller/mystery/romance mash-up that works on just about every level.

Sylvester E (nl) wrote: You know...I just watched this film for the first time and I loved it. Deanna Durbin and Robert Cummings are just great together. And, Charles Laughton gives the film an extra "boost" that makes it even better. This is a wonderful film that all of you guys need to see...

JohnnyLee T (br) wrote: Lacks real conviction. Patchy. Got interested in modern characters then taken back to WW2 and Burma. Acting is good - problem is with screenplay and staging/direction I suspect.