A disgraced Confederate Colonel who has deserted his command flees to the Everglades where he encounters a disparate group of four other Southern deserters. Together they struggle to find their way out of the swamp and resolve their own personal demons under the eyes of hostile Seminoles as they battle to survive the elements and each other.

5 Confederate soldiers desert, make their way through the Everglades and try to make it to Cuba. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel P (nl) wrote: A documentary that looks at the "legacy" of the US's War On Drugs. It's undeniably fascinating subject matter but its filmed in a rather sedate, distancing manner, I wanted something more passionate and angry, more exhaustive.

James L (jp) wrote: A horror comedy about Nazi zombies, enough said!

Aisha S (ca) wrote: Nice the songs..some parts are so funny

Robert P (kr) wrote: That must have been a cakewalk for Casey Affleck.

Ty P (it) wrote: Todd Solondz sure pushes the envelope once again, as if that is what really makes his signature work. Although I liked this film alot, there a certain points about Solondz work that I find very distressing and almost eiry. For the bio of this films, Solondz quotes 'I make comedies with a touch of darkness.' Well if this is meant to be a comedy it is the ultimate stab at sarcism or very, very sick joke.Palindromes is an excellent story, and originally made using various different girls set into the same character of Aviva(I think this to highlight the fact that this story could happen to anyone whether race, size or looks.). Other characters throughout film are excellent as well, with Ellen Barkin playing the highly emotional yet honestly real character of Aviva's mother, a performance by an actress I haven't seen in awhile. But throughtout the film, it cannot be undermined that the real performance here(although behind the camera) is Todd Solondz. Palindromes should stir heaps of emotions and show different angles to the often untalked about issues faced in this film. But once again it has some eiry bits which I cannot seem to figure out like why the film starts displaying with a jewish funeral(I understand who its for, but why it needs to be shown) then finishes with the theme song from the born again christian handicapped group. Whether it does or not, I don't know, but Palindromes ultimately looks like it's making fun at alot of people, yet seems to balance it out highlighting their own hypocrisy and stupidity.I liked this more than 'Happiness', even though it's hard to actually admit you like it, even for someone who considers themselves dark and realistic as me. Palindormes is extremely well made and should definitely leave a few little marks tattooed in your thoughts. Whether this is Solondz's plan, who know? Either way although I appreciate his efforts to push the boundaries, I'm suspicious of Todd Solondz and where he stands ethically and morally in stories such as this and Happiness.

Allison B (nl) wrote: It's cute, of course she stinks a tampon in the car's tank to prevent them from leaving. It's a cute comedy

Jeremy S (us) wrote: More of the same thing

Mike K (ca) wrote: Very cringe-worthy entry into the Bruce Lee movies...though it is not regarded as an official one. Very tacky, but had some cool parts. The fight sequences come to mind, the Lion...well, enough said! If you view this with a blank mind, it's not so bad. I like it for it's horrible editing and bad use of storytelling. Not much footage of Bruce in this actually. But it was nice to see an extended scene of him entering his quarters from a deleted scene from "Enter The Dragon." The soundtrack was passable but i'm always a big fan of Hong Kong compositions, fun and nostalgic.

Bill T (es) wrote: Somewhat goofy Bollywood remake of, yes! A Better Tomorrow has Sanjay Dutt playing the criminal and Atul Agnihotri playing the straight cop, they're both brothers! How will they get along when trying to rid the city of crime?!?!?! Filled with yes, songs plopped in for no reason at all, this IS a bit of a chore to sit through. But at least the last 3rd is goofy fun, with the sound effects guy going into overtime with the reverb.

Erin J (ca) wrote: good, but reminds me of house of wax in the disney-ish sort of way.

Emile H (jp) wrote: Not that the movie was the least bit irrelevant over time, but it may be the seasoning needed to wash the bad taste in the mouth of today. Mel Brooks brings up the realness of the Old West. Not only is the premise provocative, but so is it's humor. Everyone in the cast, from Brooks himself to Gene Wilder knocks it out of the ballpark with the delivery of their lines, and many of the gags tickle every funny bone imaginable in the human body. It's certain in its crazy and funny to the core.

Ian R (mx) wrote: Darkman was not what I expected at all, and while I can see why it would have garnered a cult following in some, I cannot number my myself among them. At an incredibly high level view, I can see what this story was aiming to accomplish, the human tale it was trying to spin. But in execution, I found that this movie really failed. The acting is hokey and unrealistic, as are many of the plot points and character decisions. This just serves to remind the audience that they are watching a movie instead of encouraging them to get deeply involved in the fiction they are watching. There was only one little exchange at the end of the film that I saw what this film was trying to accomplish, and this little exchange about Liam Neeson's character learning to live with his choices was tremendous; if only the rest of the film could have been more like it, then perhaps I would have found it more enjoyable overall. What impressed me most about this film is that Liam Neeson and Frances McDormand were able to still find work after being associated with this film.

Dan M (ca) wrote: Man, this one takes me back. I haven't seen this since I was as old as the little kid in this movie. It's funny how a 'family film' back in the 80's could get away with a few swear words and having people wanting to kill a harmless creature with rifles. Times do change, but the movie is still as enjoyable as it was back then.