Yellowstone Kelly

Yellowstone Kelly

A fur-trapper named Kelly, who once saved the life of a Sioux chief, is allowed to set his traps in Sioux territory during the late 1870s. Reluctantly he takes on a tenderfoot assistant named Anse and together they give shelter to a runaway Arapaho woman. Tensions develop when Anse falls in love with this woman and when the Sioux chief arrives with his warriors to re-claim her.

A fur-trapper named Kelly, who once saved the life of a Sioux chief, is allowed to set his traps in Sioux territory during the late 1870s. Reluctantly he takes on a tenderfoot assistant ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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William C (mx) wrote: Michael Moore is a documentary maker who just seems to find things that seem like fresh problems, but really he's always having a go at the government. Capitalism: A Love Story is a documentary movie that highlights the economic system and what it has and hasn't brought to the average American since basically the end of WW2. Moore investigates bailouts, government posts held by corporate big wigs and basically as always throws a few punches at George W. Bush (not literally of course). He very much gets into the whole story, I believe that Moore has made this so that anyone can be interested, not just people who know a lot about economics and that is pretty important for him to have achieved. Now I'm not going to pretend I know all about the economy of the United States of America, or that I knew all the details about the crisis that shook the USA between 2007 and 2010, but Moore helps you understand. Now OK he doesn't always explain so well but he gets it right in terms of letting you know what went wrong, or why things were morally wrong etc, sure even Moore seems confused a lot of the time with some terms but it doesn't matter because you can see where the wrongs are in this and who made them. As with some of his other documentaries like "Fahrenheit 9/11" and "Sicko" he really gets at government, in fact you could even says he tries to rally people to make a change, and it works because his message is convincing.Now some parts of this I did feel don't really get you on his side, I mean with these type of documentaries the main person is trying to turn you onto his side throughout, the first scenes I felt did not. He paints a picture of the hypothetical view of what people will think of the USA in how ever many years, one is a cat on the toilet and then the contrast is a family being evicted. Now the eviction part is explained by the end but really he does little to make you feel for them because their predicament isn't explained well enough and it doesn't start the movie off that well. I think this is also one movie where really your political affiliation may affect how you might see this, if you're on the right you might have reservations on this, on the left you may full heartedly agree or if your in the middle you may find this has a few good points but ultimately fails at some others. For this isn't about political affiliation though, no this is more a question of what is right for everyone in the USA, I'm not from the country but it isn't hard to see in this documentary some of the hardships of the average person particularly during the crisis. I didn't quite like Moore's personal use of Catholicism to try and get a point across, He should if he wanted to make that point have used all religion and not just his own to try and say that for religious people it is morally wrong, but to be fair whether you follow something or not the wrongs in this are plain to see for all.So overall Moore has produced a convincing documentary, maybe lacks some of the more cutting edge arguments he brings up in previous one's but still by the end I feel wins you over. It can't have been easy to make it about this, instantly I feel many will be turned off by the economic side because it is confusing, but Moore like I said before gets it across to you well and in a way that you can finally at the end, understand.

Marena K (mx) wrote: Unrealistic (k, most of B. movies are unrealistic, but somewhere's limit!), slow pace, a bit boring.

Burcu S (gb) wrote: sonuna kadar izledigim en kotu fransiz filmi.

EvaLena I (mx) wrote: This is a good swedish movie about love between a teacher and a student of hers. That is as much as i remember must see it soon again. :)

Patrick H (mx) wrote: A guilty pleasure if I ever saw one. Really cool fight scenes.

Rebecca C (de) wrote: This movie is so bad, it's beautiful. A friend of mine picked it up at the local second hand store for a dollar. His only basis of interest was the cover. When he dropped it on my counter, I said, "Oh my God, that's Brandon Lee." I then proceeded to explain to my friend the significance of the actor and his legacy with "The Crow", so we popped it in the VCR (which, I might add, was quite dusty) and found it so horrible it was hilarious. What a fabulous flop of a film! Between wondering WHERE exactly the movie was set (Germany? Cuba? Africa? Russia?), WHY it was titled "Laser Mission" (considering the plot was about a diamond), and WHO would direct such a God awful film, we found ourselves enjoying it. Bottom line: Horrible writing, deplorable acting, and appalling editing. But yet, I found it all together enjoyable. 10% for quality. 90% for cheese induced laughs.

John P (mx) wrote: Something about it.... I guess didn't register with me. While Koyaanisqatsi was both breathtaking and mind blowing, this... Wasn't. That's not to say it wasn't still really good, because it is. But I kind of have the feeling that they're just saying what they already said in the previous movie.Like its predecessor, this film is a non-narrative documentary with a lot of time-lapse and slow-motion photography, looking at the relationship with human culture (namely, technology) and nature. And like the previous film, the human race seems to be portrayed (to me, at least) like some sort of virus, spreading throughout the world and covering it completely (see Agent Smith's monologue in The Matrix, then see Koyaanisqatsi, and you'll see the connection). In this film, the human race has already conquered the world, and we see how the "third-world" cultures interact with nature. It's basically just a more focused version of Koyaanisqatsi, which I guess causes it to suffer. In Koyaanisqatsi, if you ever got bored, you'd be shown something completely different, making you interested again. Not so in this one. It's really the same things for about 100 minutes.So, I guess I found this to be a bit slow, but it's still amazing to look at, and it's definitely worth seeing if you enjoyed Koyaanisqatsi. Just don't expect it to be a huge improvement.

Charlie G (es) wrote: 80's comedy about a female Vampire in need of a virgin to renew her youth. Battle between the Vampire and his girl friend. Features some 80's music. Corny antics.

Allan T (fr) wrote: A much under rated film that is less a Bava classic and more a gory Hammer Horror standard. Where some have described the plot as obvious or plodding I have always found it brooding and still remember how scared I was when I first saw BB as a nine year old. There are screams, there is gore, there is wonderful Gothic architecture and the lighting is muted to the point of being annoying. In other words it's a perfect movie to watch on a wet winter's night when there are strange noises outside and the hairs on the back of your neck are starting to prickle..

Marrick A (jp) wrote: The class of dress, the filming techniques, the original exotic beauty named Sophia. Wow.

Andruw F (ca) wrote: Showed a lot of potential, but didn't live up to it. The best things I can say are the kills, and the cube itself looks dope! Pretty bad and annoying characters, awful performances and writing, and way too long.

Joe B (it) wrote: As a fan of the post apocalyptic stuff, this movie was pretty run of the mill. Some good sets, some good ol fighting, but the keyword is some. A lot of Swayze's lines are pretty cheesy and too sentimental. He fought like a badass though.