Yerma wants a child but with her dispassionate husband have failed to conceive. On the other hand , Victor courts her but the sense of caste and honor prevent from surrendering to him.

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Yerma torrent reviews

Ryley R (br) wrote: The animation is sloppy, most of the jokes have already been used in films decades ago, and the jokes that haven't been used already are too on the nose.

Daniel M (br) wrote: I had never been very familiar with this campaign. People like Mcgovern have the power to restore some sense of pride and decency in America, if only they will stand for what they believe in.

Chad M (ag) wrote: I seriously don't understand this movie. I know there's something there, but I can't see it. Warrants repeat viewing for most unless you hate it, which I could totally see. Very unique at any rate.

Ramona G (mx) wrote: A must-see for any- and everyone. The children are extremely articulate and candid, sometimes frightfully so. Some parts fill you with a lot of hope; others leave you certain the conflict will never be resolved. Make sure you watch the extras on the DVD to find out what happened to everyone a few years after this was released.

Elin O (jp) wrote: This documentary stirs you right to the heart!

Erica D (de) wrote: it was alright. It was cool seeing Max from Gilmore Girls in it!

Joseph C (fr) wrote: Great movie this movie has some very emotional scenes


Brian F (ca) wrote: A rare 1950's sci-fi flick that features more science and less fiction / atomic monsters.

jonathan c (it) wrote: Why did the one nazi look japanese?

EmilyJane H (ru) wrote: this movie made me cry

Tanja D (es) wrote: awful movie, very bad quality, bad acting, had to stop after 15 minutes

Matthew S (ag) wrote: Bold in it's day, the film is not "shocking" as it must have been in 1971, but it is still clever, intelligent and brilliantly made.

James B (us) wrote: Nowhere near as good as the first film in the series, "Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine". That being said, there are some funny bits where Vincent Price speaks directly to the camera.