She is a scientist. He is a Lebanese doctor. They meet at a banquet and fall into a carefree, passionate relationship. But difficulties abound because of his heritage and her loveless marriage. She flies to Havana to sort things out on the beach and in the cabarets. She sends him a ticket, but harbors no illusions that He will join her in this Caribbean melting pot.

In this film, told almost entirely in iambic pentameter, She is a scientist in a loveless marriage to Anthony, a devious politician. He is a Lebanese doctor in self-imposed exile, working ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lai O (fr) wrote: really touching! I have cried at the end of this movie.

Stephen B (es) wrote: Fantastic. As good, if not better than the 1st 2 movies. Has 1/2 of talk in beginning, but if you get past that you will not be disappointed. Great effects. Gave me my Zombie Fix till Walking Dead returns this summer...

Nikki M (ca) wrote: Love the witty banter. And Mila and Justin have great chemistry.

Kevin D (au) wrote: Chinese compounded traditional martial arts is a fantastic and rather historic form of fighting, more commonly known as Wushu. This is a quite phenomenal mix of literally hundreds of forms and functional techniques in self defense. It of course is exceptionally popular in Asian cinema, and there is always that real sense of watching something unbelievably beautiful that has been passed down from generation to generation.'Shaolin' brings much of the same fighting styles from previous martial arts films of the last decade. It's hard to compare it to anything I have seen in recent years. I found the movie to be quite enjoyable, if a rather typical ride for most fans of Chinese Cinema. There is the typical overuse of wired stunts, which gives that somewhat graceful 'float' effect on their jumps and movements. When it's just down to the choreography of Jackie Chan and Andy Lao it is actually quite breathtaking to watch the seemingly effortless way they move their bodies in a whirlwind of fists and kicks.The story line is a rather serious topic for most films that come out of most successful communist country in the world. Most movies that come out of this part of the world are written, and re-written as to represent history in such a way that the government would approve of. This usually leads into a lot of fictionalization, just like any Hollywood drama. For example they leave out a lot of the history related to how many Shaolin Temples were destroyed over and over again in China's history, from the 16th century to even more modern times when rural warlords/generals set fire to monasteries throughout the country. The religious persecution during the communist cultural revolution still affects what can and cannot be shown in Chinese cinema, especially with religious themed films.Anyways, it is a beautiful movie to watch, some excellent dramatic moments through the whole thing, and very well acted. Most definitely one of my favorite movies out of China in the last decade.3.5/5

Scott C (de) wrote: What the heck does this have to do with the Roger Moore show?!!!

Joanna S (ca) wrote: i liked it, not your usual love story...

Matthew L (nl) wrote: Poseidon is a solid guilty-pleasure that offers some incredible effects and nonstop action.

John W (kr) wrote: Really like the premise and the way the story unfolds. The special effects are mostly great too and do a good job of pulling you into the dark. But the storytelling felt a bit confused - about halfway through, the way the story was being told seemed to change and I never was able to settle back into the flow. Which is a shame - the second half was the better half.

Wes T (nl) wrote: Though not an especially interesting film to watch, the Dr. Akagi character was funny at times, so I didn't find it as painful as most Imamura films.

Jiana W (us) wrote: I LOVED this movie as a kid and wish I could find it on DVD somewhere. The characters are great and the dialogue is really funny.

Ricardo M (fr) wrote: A movie that has to be passed down from generation to generation.

Eddie O (au) wrote: Need to re-watch the awfulness that was this movie. Maybe it's grown on me.