Set in the 60's in a provincial town: four high school teenagers approach graduation, but all they think about are The Beatles.

Set in the 60's. In a small provincial town four high school teenagers are facing the graduation, but all that is on their minds is how to woo the home crowd to a concert full of Beatles ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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MariLiis L (de) wrote: Never really knew what bodybuilding was all about before I had seen this movie.

Tyler D (gb) wrote: Believe it or not, it had its moments

Daniel P (us) wrote: Sex and the City is a superficial, pretentious melodrama full of shallow, unlikeable characters, insipid plot threads, crass materialism, and contradictory messages.

Robert S (jp) wrote: Although slow at parts and may not let the actors perform at their highest ability's, this film has a strong story and entertaining action.

Jennie R (jp) wrote: This movie really drew me in. It is not action packed or drama filled. It is simply two strangers who meet and share a small block of time together. The acting was by far better than the flow flow of the story. It seemed at times that the scenes didnt always mesh completely. The acting was great. The two actors convinced me to care about them and to root for them to be together. Good film. Watch it with someone who likes to analyze a movie line by line. There is a lot to work with here.

Jose M (kr) wrote: La peli ms dificil que he visto en mi vida.

Jim H (kr) wrote: An FBI agent investigates a murder on a Lakota reservation.Thunderheart is a textbook example of how a skilled filmmaker can use a familiar genre to attempt to make a political point. The mystery and the message are interwoven expertly. However, as much as the film attempts to show Native life as it was, and still is in many places, (people living in near squalor with high incidents of alcoholism and violence), the last shot summarizes the feel I got through other parts of the film. I'm not giving anything away when I say that in the final moment, we see a busy highway that is far removed from the Res. It is as though Natives are still unwelcome in modernity, separated radically from it, even though thoroughly modern lives either are or can be lived by the people we just met. The film's heart is in the right place, exposing the degradation to which many of these people are subjected, but there is still something of a "noble savage" feel to how the film treats Natives. Add to this the fact that Fred Ward plays in a character in "red face," as the saying goes, and we can see how Natives are still subjects to some degree.Also, I wondered about why Sam Shepard's character, Cooch, constantly sent Val Kilmer's character, Ray, to advance the investigation alone. It seemed unrealistic.The performances are all fine; though, I think Val Kilmer was too stoic. If we are to buy the fact that a grizzled FBI veteran so quickly recovers his Native roots, I think more work needs to be done by the actor to make this transition obvious.Overall, Thunderheart is a well-told story even with a few relatively minor flaws.

Noel K (kr) wrote: If you liked The French Connection and Bullitt then you will like this flick. Roy Schneider and his Seven Ups team takes down the mob with their brand of detective work. Phil D'Antoni who produced The French Connection and Bullitt, reprises another classic chase scene that has all the intensity and grittiness of the previous two films.

Private U (es) wrote: How great this movie is!!! And the two funniest actors in this movie are Tony Randall and Paul Lynde.

Jakki L (ca) wrote: A total snooze fest.

Donald D (br) wrote: I love this movie and my sister love it to

Jho R (nl) wrote: Wow...just overly dramatic.

Dylan D (ru) wrote: Lost in much of the criticism of Lost in Space is that the picture is a playful little entity that doesn't set out to win awards but instead dazzle with its then-revolutionary and still-gratifying special effects while entertaining with a nice bit of Sci-Fi action framed within a story that doesn't insult the intelligence of its audience. Most movies simply don't strive to play as highbrow art, and Lost in Space is no exception. Some succeed at capturing a wink-and-a-nod playful tone, and others certainly don't. Fortunately, Lost in Space falls in with the former; Director Stephen Hopkins' picture is good old adventuresome fun. The movie's certainly not perfect, but for effects-heavy, mostly family-friendly blockbuster fare? It comes pretty close to the bullseye.