Yesterday's Enemy

Yesterday's Enemy

Set during the Burma Campaign of World War 2, this is the story of courage and endurance of the soldiers struggling at close quarters against the enemy. The film examines the moral dilemmas ordinary men face during war, when the definitions of acceptable military action and insupportable brutality become blurred and distorted

Cut off by the Japanese advance into Burma, Captain Langford (Stanley Baker) and his exhausted British troops take over an enemy-held jungle village. Despite the protests of an elderly ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Yesterday's Enemy torrent reviews

The H (ag) wrote: Bad acting and worse dialog deflate a movie that's already riddled with gangster cliches.

lily p (nl) wrote: ok movie !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ana M (de) wrote: i really wanted to see this

Jenn G (au) wrote: I honestly have no idea why I chose to watch this. It's my fault. It was horrible...horrendous acting. I don't even know what else I can say about it.

William D (kr) wrote: Not sure why the critics didn't stand behind this one. Fantastic film!

Jeppe T (gb) wrote: Fantastisk voldelig og humoristisk norsk animation. Omend plottet halter en smule, charmerer bde det og den norske tale mig betragteligt.

Kevin N (es) wrote: Not bad, some decent stuff.

MF J (fr) wrote: A grim modern tale of a girl who wants to fight & learn how to box. It's incredibly well done, moving & filled with so much raw energy from Rodriguez you'll have a hell of a great time. tough but top!

Dwayne C (fr) wrote: One of the best sports movies of all time!

bill s (gb) wrote: Eastwood gives a great pefomance in a real tight drama on how obsession can steal ones soul.

Toby R (fr) wrote: A metaphor for the dangers of drug abuse, Brain Damage is a darkly comic eighties splatter-fest.

Dale Ann T (br) wrote: to fall in love again

Charlie M (de) wrote: A petty criminal must be evaluated by psychiatrists and is sent to a mental hospital in this strongly performed drama that does well in the first half, grabbing the viewers attention. However, the second half is bogged down with melodrama and an elaborate escape attempt. Is it a classic? Yes. Will it be watched by future generations? Probably not.

Polia G (jp) wrote: Katie is fantastic in this.