Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Stories about three very different women and the men they attract. Adelina sells black-market cigarettes in Naples, is married to the unemployed Carmine, and faces a jail sentence. She can avoid it as long as she's pregnant. Several years and seven children later, Carmine is exhausted, so jail looks inescapable as does her contempt for Carmine. In Milan, Anna drives a Rolls, is bored, and picks up a writer. She talks dreamily of running off with him until he dents her car; that gets her emotional attention. Mara, a Roman call girl, turns the head of a naive seminarian, prompting a run-in with his granny and a vow of abstinence. Mara's fizzy lover from Bologna grows impatient.

Stories about three very different women and the men they attract. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amber L (fr) wrote: HILARIOUS!!! Never gets old!!

Lora R (mx) wrote: I'm a sucker for sad romantic movies which make you cry and Koizora was surely one of those movies.It was romantic, sad and beautiful. I loved the sad parts the most, because it always facinates me how a movie can make so many people cry.There were certain parts in the movie that I didn't like nor understand, like the making out scenes. Why do they make out on the 1st day after they just met? The guy acts like a creep who just wants to use her, especially after he calls her by his ex girlfriends name and the girl is so tolerant about it.Apart from a few odd things, I enjoyed the movie and yes it's a chick flick!

Valentin D (br) wrote: Love this kind of movie. You should not be easily shocked for watching it.

Amanda C (us) wrote: Director Jafar Panahi walks the line between fact and fiction with such skill that it is difficult to tell where fact ends and fiction begins. With Offside, he has made a film that is both a disparaging critique of the ban that prevents Iranian women from attending men's sporting events and therefore participating actively in national pride and a celebration of the women who dare to attend anyways. With parts of the film shot during an actual World Cup qualifying match, Offside feels like a documentary, even as the action that unfolds has to have been staged. You feel every moment with the women who have been caught sneaking into the game as they desperately try to catch glimpses of the match. It is amazing to watch their pride for their country, and their determination to show their nationalism, even as their country tries to prevent their participation.

Arna M (ca) wrote: Another example of Australia's subtle but quirky sense of humour.

Joey H (au) wrote: Doesn't seem interesting

Aron K (gb) wrote: An interesting film with a LOT going on. The problem is, everybody in this entire film is sick. There are no characters to love, not even ones you love for being bad. It does have some interesting story lines but it isn't entirely satisfying. Not a bad flick to watch once but not one I will watch over again. The end, however, was quite satisfying and unique.

Jennifer R (ag) wrote: Just like the TV show.

Turtleboy G (ru) wrote: This movie was really stupid, but in a good way. The jokes in this movie were hilarious with a few exceptions, and the story was decent. Some of the acting was off, but most of it was good. The characters were likable, and the concept was good overall. I definitely recommend this movie who likes movies that are stupid, but not stupid enough to be a bad movie overall.

Naoya K (ca) wrote: Less original as a metafiction film than the other two of the trilogy, this film is still powerful and even sweet and deserves to be called as a masterpiece. Full of positive messages for living.

Michaela D (gb) wrote: Fflim hynod o bwerus sy'n ceisio rhoi argraff i ni o'r drychineb a oedd hanes y bardd hwn. Weithiau yn cyfeirio ormod ar bethau sydd ddim yn perthnasol, ond heblaw am hynny roedd yr actorion yn hynod o dda ac yn cyfleu emosiynnau'r cymeriadau mewn ffordd arbennig.

James H (gb) wrote: Better than average Gene Autry western, the supporting cast is particularly good. Great songs, light and entertaining.

Tim R (ru) wrote: A sure entertaining instant classic for the family to enjoy!

Tim H (mx) wrote: Worms go homicidal after a lightning stormirradiates them. As bad as it sounds. From the man who made the equally inept Blue Sunshine and Just Before Dawn.

Justin L (ca) wrote: Subtle and brilliant. Absolutely loved it.