Yin yang xie di zi

Yin yang xie di zi


Those rascally Shaolin monks are at it again, and this time they're tracking down some vitriolic villains who have heisted a sacred book. Throw in an evil prince, a flying guillotine, and manic martial hijinks, and you've got a potent mix for action. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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William Z (au) wrote: The concept for the movie is unique, however the execution was poor. One of the major problems with the film was that there was very little payoff for the amount of investment and time spent on the movie. As viewers we expect to see the protagonist grow from his state of arrested development, to learn to apologize and accept his mistakes, to become financially and emotional independent and stable, to realize that at the end of the day, gaming is just a game, however he does very few of these things and the ones that he does, usually gets lost very quickly. Scott is extremely childish in nearly every manner of his life; in fact, you could take his script and put it into the mouth of a twelve year old and still have it sound accurate.

Kelly B (au) wrote: A must see movie, that only a handful of people have seen.....This should be shown and read in jr high. Just like "the outsiders" it has so ma you good messages, emotions, and lessons.

Kenneth S (au) wrote: I thought it was good!

Leo L (au) wrote: BRILLIANT MOVIE!! Here's an interesting movie by Chris Eyre, and one just as amazing as the other films. Great movie! Amazing performances by Delanna Studi & Eddie Spears. Worth seeing!!

Paul R (de) wrote: I will forgive all its negative traits for just one more giggle or smile from the lovely Patricia Arquette.

Eric G (ru) wrote: It's ridiculously twisty and highly entertaining. Ellen Degeneres' frank performance is worthy of mention.

Brandon N (ru) wrote: Info compares to Re-Animator but only in an aspect of plot, not in quality or cult status. There is one kill that is one of the most memorable that I've seen. It's up there with Scanners' head explosion and Maniac's shotgun kill. Other than that, kind of falls flat but worth a watch. Song during ending credits and DVD menu is pretty good too. Bee Bee! Glad I own this.

Dave R (fr) wrote: a decent drama about a guy (bogart) who tries to return to tokyo where he lived before WW 2 only to find trouble and intrigue.

Jere M (ca) wrote: Powerful story that is superbly performed. This subject is still relevant 70 years later.

Andrew B (us) wrote: McKellen is rocking the shit in this one!!! Forget Gandalf watch this Bryan Singer lost classic!!!

Cooper H (br) wrote: Burn After Reading is clever and pays off in the end, but the first half doesn't always work with so many storylines being explored. That said, solid cast and work by the Coen bros.

The N (jp) wrote: Chloe Grace is really very bad actress