Ying xiong wu lei

Ying xiong wu lei

The Thai government hires a group of Chinese mercenaries to capture a powerful drug lord from the Golden Triangle. The mercenaries manage to capture the drug lord, but soon find themselves ...

Thai government hires group of Chinese mercenaries to capture powerful druglord from Golden Triangle. The mercenaries manage to capture the druglord, but his men are trying to set him free. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Priti P (gb) wrote: Rani has worked pretty hard for the film, but the outcome is not that good in all the scenes, specially the ones wherein she imitates famous (read 'sentimental' for movie buffs) scenes and dance sequences of Sri, Madhuri and Juhi. However the emotion of 'complete bliss of innocence' is well captured by her in many scenes. The director's effort of showcasing regional sensibility needs lot of fine tuning. Actually this is not an easy task, and thus Mani Ratnam is considered a pro. A short narration about Rani's sensitivity towards 'smell' in the beginning of the film would have saved the audience a lot of confusion, since most of them would be unaware of the director's previous work 'Gandha'. Malayalam actor Prithviraj looks good and supporting characters are designed to be very loud! Last but not the least, good effort Rani.

Jacob C (jp) wrote: 28/100 - At least it followed the plot of the book. I Am Number Four is another crappy adaptation of a young adult novel that I actually liked. The concept is interesting, the acting less so, and the production values even less so. I wished this book had worked as a movie, as the rest of the series could have been interesting. Instead, this is yet another example of a studio trying to make money instead of making a good film.

Nancy W (us) wrote: Definitely not Oscar-worthy, but definitely a fun movie.

Mark W (ru) wrote: Classic movie all Walker Clan members should see--brings together Latin value clashes & traditional food together in one fun story line.

Dorothy I (us) wrote: If you want a tear jerker this is one of them. I am fortunate to not identify fully with the pain that that Jackie felt, but I could partially understand the sadness and agony it put her in...even at the early stages.

Chris G (nl) wrote: This movie not only had good casting, but it also brought attention to a black culture phenomenon some call salm-poetry, which has been going on in cities like chicago and ny for years;meanwhile, after this movie caught on, in my opinion in just about every america city with significant African American population started opening up poetry spots left and right. Love jones is a very simple story done with great hip dialouge, which only can be provide by a black screenwriter and a black cast. That said, this is must have if you looking for a charming well done black love story. Also the cafe shop, snobb, sificated angle may not appeal to some people.

Aidan H (fr) wrote: One of the problems of biopics is that, unless they are about witty or warlike people, they aren't very cinematic. In Carrington, there's little to find of interest in the dull titular character as she bonks a collection of chinless twats and penniless aristos while on the other side of the Channel millions are dying to protect their spoiled way of life. Wearying and annoying in equal measure, Carrington does little to illuminate the life of the artist while creating audience hatred of aristocracy and lovey thespians alike. I do hope these toffs were blown away by a deserter or something because I never made it to the end to find out. Of interest only to American art students and tweed afficionados (one star for the wardrobe).

Michael D (us) wrote: such a beautiful story! and soooo well presented! loved it!

Henry A (fr) wrote: Margaret Rutherford has a face like rubber--she is hilarious in these Miss Marple movies--there's four of them.

Zoran S (it) wrote: The most internationally renowned film of Bunuel's Mexican period. It's basically a relentlessly grim and nihilistic tale of crime and poverty among street children. It's still a powerful and disturbing film since Bunuel strips it of all sentimentality. The meat/ mother dream sequence is one of Bunuel's best dream sequences

Christine L (es) wrote: Great..if you are six and love Barbie.

Robyn H (de) wrote: A long, drawn-out will he/won't he rape joke. This made me sad. So much talent wasted on an unnecessary amount of almost making women have sex against their will. Proof that even the best ingredients can make an appalling meal.

Russ B (fr) wrote: 10/9/2016: A great movie with tons of laughs. A movie that can be watched over and over.