Sweden 1889. The young Per Nilsson has a very dominant mother, Anna Månsdotter. His father died many years ago. Per and his mother have for a long time had an incestuous relationship. But ...

Sweden 1889. The young Per Nilsson has a very dominant mother, Anna Månsdotter. His father died many years ago. Per and his mother have for a long time had an incestuous relationship. But ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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chanel s (us) wrote: The movie, is ok if your into indie movies

J (es) wrote: Southland Tales is a 2007 science fiction comedy drama thriller film written, produced, and directed by Richard Kelly and starring Dwayne Johnson, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Seann William Scott, Justin Timberlake, Mandy Moore, Miranda Richardson, Holmes Osborne, John Larroquette, Wallace Shawn, Bai Ling, Nora Dunn, Kevin Smith, Wood Harris, Amy Poehler, Cheri Oteri, Jon Lovitz, Will Sasso, Lou Taylor Pucci, Curtis Armstrong, Beth Grant, Michele Durrett, Zelda Rubinstein, Christopher Lambert, Jill Ritchie, Todd Berger, and Janeane Garofalo. California is at the epicenter of a political and environmental disaster that threatens to destroy the world. In the year 2005, a nuclear attack wipes out part of the state of Texas, and three years later, America is a virtual police state, with the government taking control of nearly every part of people's lives, supposedly for their own good. A German firm has found a way to generate energy using seawater, but both public and private concerns are desperate to prevent the new technology from being introduced in the gasoline-starved United States. A Marxist underground based on the West Coast is determined to bring down the federal government through violent revolution. In this midst of this chaos, we follow a number of stories that continually return to three principle characters. Boxer Santaros (Dwayne Johnson) is an amnesiac action star trying to secure financing for a new project, but reality keeps mirroring the events in his script and he struggles to hold on to his identity. Krysta Now (Sarah Michelle Gellar) is a porn star reinventing herself as a TV pundit offering her views on politics, modern culture, and teenage sex. And finally, Roland Taverner (Seann William Scott) is a Los Angeles police officer whose identity has mysteriously split in two and he struggles to track down his other half. Once upon a time there was filmmaker known as Richard Kelly, whose debut feature was the 2001 sci-fi drama Donnie Darko. Donnie Darko is a masterpiece of filmmaking. It might just be one of my all-time favorite films. Donnie Darko gave us well-developed characters who served a purpose to the story, top-notch dialogue, great performances, and one mindfuck of a plot. You might need to think about and watch the film again in order to understand it, and if you do, you'll appreciate the film more. Kelly's next-produced script was the Tony Scott-directed Domino, a biopic about bounty hunter Domino Harvey. Honestly, I did enjoy Domino. It's occasionally messy in terms of storytelling, but man oh man, is it ever entertaining. Four years after Domino, Kelly gave us The Box, an adaptation of the short story Button, Button by the late Richard Matheson. It started off with intrigue until it got a little messy. I could watch The Box as a timewaster. Before The Box, Kelly gave us Southland Tales. Southland Tales is one of the most pretentious; if not THE most pretentious ass-pile I've ever had the displeasure of watching. Could you believe for a second that this was from the same man who gave us Donnie Darko? Southland Tales is a convoluted, messy, nonsensical, incoherent, incomprehensible, and ludicrous mess from beginning to end. It's mind-numbingly bad. BTW, the synopsis that lasts three paragraphs (paragraphs 2-4) is taken from IMDb. I can't really explain the plot, and if I try to do so, my fucking brain will explode with chunks of matter and gore flying everywhere. It's not deep, it's not intelligent, and it's not easy to explain. It's pretentious, it's nonsensical, and most of all, it's complicated as fuck. After watching this, The Box, and the director's cut of Donnie Darko, I am sad to say that the theatrical cut of Donnie Darko is nothing more than a fucking fluke. Seriously, with the exception of Domino, Richard Kelly is just a one-trick pony. Donnie Darko and Southland Tales both deal with time travel and the Apocalypse. The Box started out with intrigue but then turned into a mess when he added padding involving aliens, time travel, and the Apocalypse. Fuck, Kelly's screenplay adaptation of the Louis Sachar novel Holes was a hard-R sci-fi fantasy action script where the holes that the kids were digging contained people that were killed by a nuclear holocaust. As someone who read that draft, it gets a hell of a lot dumber from there. The performances, much to my shock, are awful. Literally every single actor in this film is either bored, confused, looking for a paycheck, free for the weekend, or so uncaring of this project that they just phone in their performances. Richard Kelly's screenplay is terribly written and his direction is just as bad, if not worse. This fucking sophomoric dung heap of a film is the answer to the question "What the hell happened to Richard Kelly?". Southland Tales is supposedly a satire. This movie is trying to riff on the Bush Administration that was still in power during the time this movie was made. To make a long story short, George W. Bush brings about the Apocalypse. If you wanna take jabs at the Bush Administration, they've given you a shit-ton of ammunition, Richard. But every attack and threat, every policy introduced in this dystopian near-future, they're all fictionalized events and only serve as a display to how little Kelly knows about the politics, particularly the imagery of elephants fucking. Apparently, Richard Kelly knows nothing about subtlety. Going back to the acting, the casting choices are fucking bizarre. This has to be the strangest ensemble cast for any movie ever made, and that includes Movie 43. A lot of comedians appear in small roles, promoting Southland Tales as a satire. For example, we have Cheri Oteri and Amy Poehler from SNL as Neo-Marxists, Jon Lovitz (also from SNL) as a racist cop, and Will Sasso from MADtv as some random villainous guy I don't give a fuck about. There's also Janeane Garofalo as a military general, but her scenes were cut from the theatrical cut and were seen in the nearly three-hours long Cannes Film Festival cut of the film. But, wait! There's more! We have Rex from Toy Story, the psychic lady from Poltergeist, Donnie Darko's gym teacher, and Booger from Revenge of the Nerds as members of this strange cult. And the main actors? Good holy God. Seann William Scott looks confused throughout the entire movie, merely pretending to understand the script he's working off of. Dwayne Johnson playing an action star is believable, but his character is also a screenwriter with a working knowledge of the spacetime continuum? What the fuck? Also, we have Buffy the Vampire Slayer as a porn star. If Joss Whedon saw this movie, he'd kill himself. Southland Tales is also apparently a Californicated Bush era-set retelling of the Book of Revelations (also known as the Revelation of St. John). The Antichrist is Wallace Shawn's character Baron Von Westphalen, the False Prophet is Holmes Osborne's character Bobby Frost (because Justin Timberlake quotes Robert Frost! It's such a clever and creative pun, am I right?! HAHAHAHA!!!), the Two Witnesses are The Rock and Seann William Scott (God, I wish I was watching The Rundown...you know, a good movie), the Whore of Babylon is Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Our Lord Jesus Holy Christ Almighty is the two magnificent Stiflers. The Book of Revelations is known for being contradictory, convoluted, and complicated. I haven't read the Book of Revelations in the Bible (because I couldn't give two shits and a fuck less about religion and I'm not a Bible purist), but I've heard about how misunderstandable it is through a review of this film I watched on YouTube. It's because of this that Richard Kelly has no choice but to make Southland Tales so convoluted and so bloody incomprehensible. There are only three positive things I can say about this movie. First of all, the cinematography by Steven Poster looks fantastic, especially for a film with a budget of $17 million. But then again, Only God Forgives had luscious cinematography and that was also a pretentious fuckfest. Alexander Hammond's set designs look pretty cool, especially the interior sets. The montage of Justin Timberlake's lip-synching of All These Things That I've Done by The Killers was entertaining and easily the best part of the movie. If only the rest of this ostentatious motherfucker was engaging. FINAL SCORE: 2/10 Southland Tales is a terrible, terrible movie. It truly is awful. On a visual level, Southland Tales is a delight, but from a storytelling standpoint, this film is a pretentious, incomprehensible, inconsistent, ludicrous, incoherent, and flat-out disjointed load of ass. Richard Kelly should be ashamed of himself. How is it that the same man who gave us Donnie Darko, a masterpiece of cult filmmaking, also gave us this illogical, plotless, and nonsensical ass-pile? Unbelievable. Do not watch Southland Tales. It's two hours and twenty minutes of absolute shit.

Geoff C (au) wrote: A cute little film. Though, having heard about it before, I can say the film didn't quite live up to expectations. I had trouble stomaching the editing. In that regard, it felt like a quickly produced made-for-TV movie. I also had trouble caring about the dorky sidekick. He just annoyed the hell out of me. The Irishesque accent he had made no sense, and he was immediately lost on me. Perhaps the lowest point of the film was how repetitive it was. It kept going back to this traumatic event from the past that was the catalyst of the plot, and it put too much emphasis on that aspect of the story. Honestly, I can't say the story was too enthralling for me. It felt a bit un articulated in places. However, what this lacked in other qualities, it did serve as a captivating insight to a culture that we sometimes tend to marginalize in our imaginations. I don't recall seeing a single eagle feather in the film. (Though I understand feathers are still a major part of the culture.) Nor did any of them ride horses, or wear war paint. The tribes, as the film shows, have changed since the wild west era, just like mainstream society. And the picture the film paints neither seems exaggerated or toned down. Even with the story unfolding, you get an unquestionable sense of realism, and you accept that the mundane atmosphere on the screen is what an Indian reservation must really be like. There is not a single tinge of make believe. Even if the movie wasn't executed as well as it should have been, the film can rightfully boast a strong realism. In this, Director Chris Eyre was masterful.

Jesse D (mx) wrote: My Favorite Ang Lee Movie.

Ashley H (gb) wrote: Shining Through is an incredible film. It is about an American woman of Irish, Jewish-German parentage who goes undercover in Nazi Germany. Melanie Griffith and Michael Douglas give excellent performances. The screenplay is well written. David Seltzer did a great job directing this movie. I enjoyed watching this motion picture because of the drama and romance. Shining Through is a must see.

Steve D (nl) wrote: The best sports movie ever made. Very funny for hockey fans and not fans alike

Kevin N (it) wrote: A stunning drama by the Italian master filmmaker Luchino Visconti. It's an epic three-hour film that displays all the delicacies of a family that feels about half that length because these characters just absorb you. Their lives become so meaningful and tangible, and when the story begins to turn tragic it is almost too much to take. I love the way Visconti shoots Milan here: from the inside out. Instead of mixing Rocco's family in with the others of the city, he forces us to live close-quaretrs with this one only. The result is that we are allowed to really experience the small joys and pains, not just the large ones, and each family member becomes an integral part of our connection to the story. Visconti's camerawork is, as expected, graceful and telling. He never lingers on any subject or location for too long, letting our eyes explore every new scene with his sweeping cinematography.

Veronika C (de) wrote: David Tennant is my Hamlet.

Nathan H (fr) wrote: Love DiCaprio, but the script is way too bland, and if you make it through the full movie without drifting off into your own world you'll be doing well

Ian M (br) wrote: This is the only one of the Lucas prequels that I can stomach. I don't hate the movies like everyone else does, I appreciate Lucas' effort to build up the story. This chapter really made up for Episodes I and II. I could give this a better rating if it didn't have stupid stuff in it, like buzz droids and Jar Jar Binks.