Yo el ejecutor

Yo el ejecutor

A retired mercenary known as 'The Executioner', is forced to take one more case especially when his girlfriend is kidnapped and raped, he then wages a one-man war against the mob with his execution style.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1987
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Yo el ejecutor torrent reviews

Johnny N (br) wrote: Thought this was going to be another sleepless in Seattle, but then they mix it up when a deadman washes up with a crying little baby in his arms... a film challenging morals.

Jim L (au) wrote: A dark, uncompromising look into the disturbing world of human trafficking

Private U (fr) wrote: A must see, purely for Mike Parsons' monster 10 point wave at Jaws! Unbelievable!

Christopher S (br) wrote: I really enjoyed Slumber Party Massacre III. A piece of fun shit from 1990 that had me rolling in laughter. Not as much as SPM II but it was still hilarious. The "Weirdo" from the beach looked like a cat...and just the way he stared at people. Haha. Duncan was overly nerdy & annoying. The revealing of the killer would've been a very nice twist if they wouldn't have shown him on the back of the DVD...and in the trailer. Too bad he didn't stalk much in his mask. He also really must hate lights. The best death was the plugged in vibrator used to electrocute Juliette in the bathtub. Fucking hilarious stuff. As much as I keep going on & on about SPM II, I think I like SPM III just a tad better. The first is my favourite though. Gotta love Russ "Denim Dan" Thorn as the driller killer.

Andrew G (kr) wrote: I am torn with this film, while I applaud the character of Frank Mansfield (Warren Oates) and the idea that Hellman was trying to portrait, I feel that by including actual cockfighting in this film derives the audiences attention away from the true theme of the story. But this is where I am most torn because I feel that the actual cockfights are a necessary element in this story. I watched this film with a film club in Berlin and when we discussed the film afterwards it seemed that everyone was concerned with the rights of the roosters in the film. Frank Mansfield knows cockfighting but does he know love? And an even more important question is - Where is his heart? in his chest? or in his cock? I would argue that Frank's heart lies in his cock (both his rooster and in this penis). 1. Frank is a very physical man - this attribute is highlighted by the fact that he doesn't speak - so for his love interest Laurie Bird and for the audience Frank exist purely on an physical level (aside from some narration and a flashback) - but for Laurie he is purely physical. One could argue that love is more emotional than physical and that lust is more physical that emotional. 2. At the end of the film Laurie tells Frank that he is void of emotion and that his rooster has more heart than he does - heart is in his cock. As a response to this Frank rips the head off of his rooster and presents it to Laurie. Laurie accepts the roosters head then runs off to her car. Frank's manager Omar Baradinsky ask Frank about his lady troubles to which Frank (first time he has diagetically spoken) says "she loves me." Laurie accepting Frank's cock is overtly sexual - and to Frank this "sexual act" is love. 3. I would also argue that all voyeurism in this film lies within the cockfights - which is why I feel that is was essential for them to be real - thus making the act of watching these forbidden fights voyeuristic.

Zoran S (de) wrote: Some of the comedy bits don't work that well, but the musical numbers that do work are often genius and sublime. I love the last number with the bubbles.

abinash s (es) wrote: Like most sequels, it brings back the memorable look and feel of the film, but never seem to pull it off better first one. However "Dumb and Dumber To" still has good laughs behind it, just not a sequel that improves on anything.

David D (fr) wrote: Great and Hilarious.

Becs D (au) wrote: For a dark matter this is a beautiful film of human emotion. It's flawed rawness doesn't paint the happiness of pictures, but with heartfelt performances from both Hale Berry and Benicio Del Toro, this meets a level within you, not every viewer will appreciate