Yoga for Absolute Beginners

Yoga for Absolute Beginners


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Joshua C (ag) wrote: You'll never look at falling leaves the same way again.

Marc L (jp) wrote: Deux Aliens se fument la gueule, l'un pour detruire la Terre, l'autre pour la sauver, dans une zone 51 qui ressemble furieusement a une simple banlieue pavillonaire americaine. Peut-etre n'ont-il pu tourner qu'a cet endroit mais ce qui est reellement touchant dans cette zerie Z, c'est que les effets speciaux, les acteurs, les dialogues et le scenario s'avancent bien au-dela de la mediocrite habituelle de ce genre de choses pour atteindre une naivete attendrissante, quelque part entre un episode de McGiver et un sentai fauche. Sans vouloir reveler le fond de ce film que, de toute facon, personne ne verra, sachez que le mechant parviendra a persuader les humains que c'est le gentil qui est le mechant, alors qu'en fait le mechant est vraiment mechant et le gentil vraiment gentil. Je me disais aussi, ca ne peut pas s'appeler Krondel un gentil...

Stephen M (de) wrote: A fun sci fi adventure film. It does get lazy in some scenes and editing. The directing feels more focused on driving the story to get us to the resolution of the film, rather than drawing in the viewers, which is the real flaw of the film. But it is imaginitive and fun.

Philip Z (gb) wrote: This film is offensively homophobic because it doesn't have the guts to do anything with its setting except to mine it for cheap laughs and sentimentality. The first five minutes of the movie set the tone immediately, Cuba Gooding, Jr. is up in a hot air balloon with his girlfriend, Vivica A. Fox, and in the middle of a marriage proposal he throws up all over her. When we then learn that she's been seeing another man, we immediately think: "Good, she can do so much better than this insensitive, disgusting creep." Our hatred for Cuba grows when he gets on board the cruise ship because he is so dense that despite numerous hints that this is not the cruise ship he's been looking for, he turns a blind eye to everything and thinks nothing of it. That's standard comedy stupidity, but the filmmakers take it further than that, when Cuba finally realizes he's on a gay cruise, he's so melodramatic about it that the only way to read it is that he's a bigoted asshole. The film continues to provide insult to injury when he forgoes the possibility of having these characters learn to accept people for their differences, and instead throw them into a situation where they pretend to be gay in order to get close to some women on board who are none the wiser. Also, the way that gay men are portrayed in this movie is about as bad as showing white men in black face, they are treated as nothing more than overbearing sexual predators who also serve as the gay best friend with advice on life and love. I wanted to punch this arrogant, narrow-minded movie in the face.

Taylor D (au) wrote: I just saw this film for the 1st time in a long time and I forgot how great it was. You really saw the terror in everyone's eyes and their emotions. It actually is one of the only movies that gets me choked up because I recognized the bravery the actual astronauts had to go through. Simply amazing.

Ryan V (br) wrote: This is a good "bad movie". Its a gag-filled cheese fest that pays homage to 1950s monster movies. The creators of this know exactly what it is that they made here, and it works very well as long as you take it for what it's supposed to be.

Alexander C (ca) wrote: Would have to find and watch immediatly!

Adrienne L (ca) wrote: Its interesting to see a Brando film for the first time. This one was no different. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. Sadly the film itself didn't hold my interest. But the ending caught me off guard.

Patrick M (de) wrote: While this is certainly better on stage, this was a fun movie filled with color, memorable songs, and wit. Sinatra's voice is great, but his dialogue scenes are a little weak. Brando is just the opposite. Still though, they play two great characters. It dragged a bit in the middle but overall it's the fun Hollywood musical that you'd for the most part want.

Sean S (nl) wrote: Funny but only in some spots well basically any part with Steve Carell