Eeshwar Chandra Prasad (Prabhas) is the son of Ram Murthy (Chalapathi Rao) and Shantamma (Sharada Urvashi). Ram Murthy wants his son to do some job. However, Shantamma pampers Eeshwar very much and hence he doesn't want to leave the village. Ram Murthy dies and in order to fulfil his last wish, Eeshwar goes to the city to earn money on the advice of his friend Basha (Ali), who was a pickpocket. Eeshwar could not meet Basha. On the other hand Kotaiah (Kota Srinivasa Rao) runs big land mafia in Hyderabad city and a bitter rival of Narsing Pahilwan (Pradeep Rawat). Saidulu (Subbaraju) is Narsing's brother. Once Saidulu hacks Kotaiah and his assistant, when Eeshwar accidentally saves him. Eeshwar gets a job in a tea stall run by Chandranna (Chandra Mohan). He earns good money and purchases two gold bangles for his mother and plans to leave the city.

A mother from a small village searches for her son in Hyderabad; unaware that he has changed his name and is now both a target and a threat for all the gangsters of the city. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick K (nl) wrote: seen it not impressed its all about, Gemma Baker, a fame hungry wannabee, persuades her hapless boyfriend Danny and his media student best mate Nathan to help her film a big brother audition tape. The weather is bad so they take a moments respite in a local pub, where they hear of a 'Swingers' party taking place on a local farm. Wide boy Danny has the idea of filming the party on video cameras with a view to blackmailing the attendees. They break onto the farm and wait for the arrival of the party goers. The farm is littered with clues and warnings which they ignore before falling foul of the party goers who are in fact Devil Worshippers so most get killed dont go see

Aparna S (au) wrote: I liked the kids - expect the big guy they were all very cute. The acting is getting better these days. Too much magic and some parts too unrealistic even if it was supposed to be 'magical'

Jon E (us) wrote: This hotel reminds me of a place you'd want to go to get a good ol' fashioned raping or a down-home murder! lmao

Benjamin H (kr) wrote: An interesting look into a part of history that every teacher I ever had apparently forgoten. You should check it out if all you have ever understood about the Vietnam war was how it was portrayed in RAMBO.

Jonathan D (kr) wrote: Missable, but equally watchable.

Calvin L (mx) wrote: An average Jackie Chan movie which lives up to expectations

Joey F (gb) wrote: Lots of fun, but ultimately nothing to write home about. It's great for what it is.

Chris S (ca) wrote: the book is much better

Les M (gb) wrote: I watched it on it's first released and have enjoyed it ever since!

William C (es) wrote: To say this movie is as fantastic as it is and then it not be considered one of Hitchcock's very best, well it only goes to prove how amazing a director he was. Dial M for Murder is a very dialogue heavy movie, but don't let that fool you into thinking it may be boring or well, too laden with conversations. The film is truly thrilling and working out what will happen next is no easy game, Hitchcock gets the absolute most out of the play it is adapted from and the most from the cast too, with the likes of Ray Milland, Grace Kelly and Robert Cummings all shining in their respective roles. It of course centres on a plan for a husband to off his wife called Margot (Kelly) by her husband Tony (Milland), of course Tony thinks he has the perfect murder, and even if he hasn't, he has a few tricks he can pull.The story moves along at a nice pace, never too fast or too slow and constantly fits itself nicely into its running time. Hitchcock just knew here how to truly get the scenes he wanted and uses things like light to truly create a sense of doom or a sense of hope, fine work from the director considered one of the best at suspense. I wasn't all together sure on the score for the film which can at times sound like some kind of cartoon or in any case a much happier film and although it can be used well, it just doesn't feel right sometimes. To be fair other than the score there isn't too much wrong with this at all, acting maybe not always on point but I'll come to that next.I wasn't always so sure on Grace Kelly, many a person who has seen this has mentioned her as doing a good job but I didn't feel she was at her very best. The by far best cast member has to be Ray Milland who kind of has to step up in this movie so we see him as the evil he is, but that also we can follow him through the story without getting bored. John Williams as Inspector Hubbard is a good addition to the cast and can actually at times add a little comedic relief randomly here and there, he over time becomes a character you come to not mind as much as maybe when he first walks in. One thing about this movie that I can't say I have seen much is the way in which it lets you follow the protagonist but he is not good and although inside you do not want him to succeed, you expect that everything that happens will all go to plan (whether it does or not well you will have to see). Yet again Hitchcock brings us this nice little gem of a thing, he really gets the camera put on Milland but in a way where although he is in the shot, he remains behind peoples backs and he moves away from others a lot, it feels like it is meant for him to seem distant and of course more sinister than other characters.Overall Dial M for Murder is as I said not really thought of as within Hitchcock's absolute best works but this is really an excellent little piece, worth a watch whether a fan of Hitchcock or you have never seen one of his films before. He does of course borrow elements from past films and that makes this not any copy of his previous works, but it actually also makes it much better as he can draw from his own inspiration but then make a film like this that feels like a play (of which as mentioned it is based on).

Mark N (us) wrote: Fun science fiction romp with an amusingly British flavour, delivered ably by Jeffries, that doesn't take itself at all seriously. Fun scenes, nonsense science, Harryhausen animation, insect overlords and some wonderful sets make it a great movie for those who love this period in movie making.