Yoidore tenshi

Yoidore tenshi

A drunken doctor with a hot temper and a violence-prone gangster with tuberculosis form a quicksilver bond. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Marcus R (fr) wrote: I enjoyed it for what it was worth, but it lacked any true drama to blow me away. A few scenes saved this from being a bore. Best Pacino performance in a while and he actually seemed to care about the role. If the events from this film was true, my ass would have said he was not guilty. The defense had a good point.

Kevin M W (ca) wrote: Angelina Jolie bringing the heat here as a FBI agent tracking down a clever serial killer. Its a by-the-numbers offering, the director DJ Caruso leading the audience shamelessly so that when the twist arrives its kinda tired as he's been hinting at it for over an hour. In the meantime, its Jolie that keeps your attention, those lips and all obscuring all thought otherwise. Ethan Hawke is okay, but only that.

Matthew P (fr) wrote: a decent horror/thriller

Anita J (us) wrote: Makes you think whether your life and all your worries are your own, or somebody's poking your brain with a stick. Excellent movie!

Alec M (it) wrote: a quirky, weird, yet oddly funny movie. worth a watch

Jordan Y (ru) wrote: "THESE ARE THE WATERS OF FORGETFULNESS!!!" Ha ha haridiculous

Logan M (kr) wrote: As violent as a movie about war should be, and it gives off the terrifying feeling of being completely and utterly surrounded by the enemy.