A nameless ronin, or samurai with no master, enters a small village in feudal Japan where two rival businessmen are struggling for control of the local gambling trade. Taking the name Sanjuro Kuwabatake, the ronin convinces both silk merchant Tazaemon and sake merchant Tokuemon to hire him as a personal bodyguard, then artfully sets in motion a full-scale gang war between the two ambitious and unscrupulous men.

A crafty ronin comes to a town divided by two criminal gangs and decides to play them against each other to free the town. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Yojimbo torrent reviews

Caitlyn M (fr) wrote: Not very good acting, semi-okay plot, semi-Amityville Horror ripoff. For me, this movie was more comically entertaining and aggravating than it was scary.

Brandon T (ru) wrote: See the TV show, skip the movie. You're welcome.

NeCrO (ru) wrote: OK Juliette Lewis is in it( the best ever) but even her voice couldn't make this watchable SLOW

James J (nl) wrote: Fascinating premise. Beautifully shot. But this is a tough one to watch. Who knew two intertwining stories could drag so much? I get that this is a film with little reliance on plot, but the scenes didn't hold a lot of emotion, either.

Maddy C (ru) wrote: With the war having officially started this is one of the most shocking, dramatic and darker of the Harry Potter films so far. Yet with it comes a tremendous amount of thrilling and rather amusing humour. Harry is another year older and with a bigger burden to hold he is being given even more responsibility. This film provides much more plot detail and provides the perfect blanket for the final two instalments of the film to come. A truly brilliant piece of film which is another must see for any fans.

Justin S (us) wrote: Much better this time, not as much cool action, but enough to keep you entertained

Nolan M (de) wrote: Action packed and hilariously funny!

Danielle C (es) wrote: The movie starts off showing Kundun as a boy. It shows as a man having a vision that Kundun is the 14th Dalai Lama. So they take him and raise him in the temple. They make young Kundun pass a test to see if he was the next Dalai Lama. They show him a whole bunch of things only to choose what was left by the 14th Dalai Lama. The movies show him playing as a child but learning the words of wisdom. The movie showed him eating eggs and pork and his friend yelling at him. Then the mother came out and told him the he shouldn't act like that. Basically the temple is shaping and molding him to become a great religious leader one day. China wants to invade Tibet and wants it to be part of their country again. Kundun believes he should take problem to the people, the people spoke but it didn't matter China still invaded. Eventually the Dalai Lama gets held prisoner. They try to think of a plan to escape. After consulting the oracle about the proper escape route, the Dalai Lama and his staff put on disguises and slip out. The group eventually makes it to a small mountain pass on the Indian border. As the Dalai Lama walks to the guard post, an Indian guard approaches him, salutes, and inquires: "May I ask, are you the Lord Buddha?" The Dalai Lama replies with the film's final line: "I think that I am a reflection, like the moon on water. When you see me, and I try to be a good man, you see yourself." Once the Dalai Lama arrives at his new residence, he unpacks his telescope and steps outside, setting it up and removing his glasses, he gazes through it toward the Himalayas-and toward Tibet.

Jakeri C (ca) wrote: Excellent film for its parodies alone.

Steve S (nl) wrote: **1/2 (out of four) A very strong and engaging performance from Kathleen Quinlan can't quite make this tough and over-the-top drama worthwhile. It suffers from the directors attempts to overdo everything. It could have used a little subtlity. Quinlan plays Deborah, a 16 year old girl who is schizophrenic. Her parents move her into a hospital where her fantasy world comes alive. Her encounters with the other patients are horrifying. Only her doctor (Bibi Andersson) can calm her.

Miguel A (it) wrote: "Papillon" no s um dos derradeiros filmes sobre o valor da liberdade, como tambm o que talvez melhor demonstra a extraordinria capacidade de Steven McQueen na alternncia entre o actor dramtico sofrido e o heri de aco capaz de lutar em nome de todos os homens. Quando McQueen contracena com Dustin Hoffman, podemos apenas esperar que um eleve a prestao do outro, mas aqui McQueen maior que a vida e pertencem-lhe pelo menos duas cenas que representam inestimveis momentos de cinema. A certa altura "Pappilon" parece at encaminhado para uma concluso bastante previsvel, mas nada disso acontece realmente.