Yong zheng yu nian geng yao

Yong zheng yu nian geng yao

Nin Gang Yiu (Jimmy Lee), after training for the hard time, he decided to go to the outside world and join the 4th prince (Norman Chu) for gaining the king's position. Eventually Yiu ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:86 minutes
  • Release:1980
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:martial arts,   kung fu,  

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Yong zheng yu nian geng yao torrent reviews

Edgar L (nl) wrote: Not bad, but Mediocre. I will admit, I chuckled a bit in here, but other than that, the movie can get so exaggerated at times (especially during the helicopter scene with Tulip and Jr. where they completely exaggerated TWICE!) and honestly, even if, aside from the Cartoony aspects, the Animation was really decent, You should skip this and rather wait for The Lego movies. Storks rather earns 2 and a half Weird Babies out of 5

Kyle C (ru) wrote: Is it Cars, No, but it tries very hard to be. It's cute, the voices work, the story is Disney, it'll distract your little ones for 90 minutes and it does it all to it's best ability. This was the first theater experience for my son so to see how excited he was totally made the night. RECOMMENDED for people with children who loved or even liked the Cars movies.

paul B (br) wrote: "...Et puis la on dit que les gars il font 20minutes de voiture pour sortir de Manille, donc on va filmer ce qui se passe dans la voiture pendant 20 minutes sachant qu'ils n'ont rien a se dire. Ensuite masacre d'une fille de joie, attroce..." ultra realiste et jamais racoleur, Brillante Mendoza montre la vie comme elle vient et comme elle passe; tellement vrai mais totalement soporifique.

Caleb C (nl) wrote: will have to give this another go. Tried to watch it and got bored as hell in the first 10 minutes and shut it off.. now that I know it's from the whole russian new wave scene which includes '4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days' , I must see this with a different eye.

Natalie M (br) wrote: A fascinating immersion into the diverse culture of Afghanistan through the show Afghan Star.

Marjeta M (au) wrote: This is fantastic, so original, so good at making you emote with the subject, well done indeed.

Jake M (de) wrote: Surprising little movie about a aging failed (or never really tried) writer and the son he never raised who ultimately becomes a struggling writer himself.Robert De Niro carries the film as the old man struggling to make a living, thinking he's a great writer who never caught a break. Completely self absorbed and ends up on the streets struggling to survive day to day.Paul Dano plays his son, who's also in a transition of his life as his writing career is failing. He ends up with this girl that gets him to work for a homeless shelter where he ends up seeing his dad, who he wants nothing to do with and is ashamed to see him there.Just a lot of drama in this movie. I knew De Niro could do it, but Paul Dano is the surprise of the film for me.

Steve S (ag) wrote: ***Due to the recent RT changes that have basically ruined my past reviews, I am mostly only giving a rating rather than a full review.***

Frank H (au) wrote: While not as captivating as L'Enfant, it's still the same brand of awesome film-making the Dardennes are famous for.

Brian P (it) wrote: You know you are in a bad movie when Joe Estevez is your biggest star. This is one of those so bad it's funny movies where the acting is terrible and the special effects were awful. The werewolf itself looked like a bear or a bat or a dog at points in the movie. Best parts were the weird militia man who is into dusting and when the werewolf jumps out a window to less than surprised looks.

Adam D (mx) wrote: good film great special eff

Al H (us) wrote: A film a la sci fi 50s old style. A must see.

Jason D (fr) wrote: An okay 80s sports movie, but it is no All the Right Moves even if it wants to be.

Lindsey V (nl) wrote: good movie but havent seen it in a while

Millo T (jp) wrote: Once again, von Sternberg leads Dietrich to the familiar environment of cabarets and human degradation. Dietrich is very cold (even too much, as if she had no feelings, although things change when circumstances go worst against her: then she shows her face a good actress). Not as good as other Dietrich or Sternberg movies (although it goes better as the plot goes on), but the great fans of this duet will like it. The last scene is impressive about a portrait of the relations between a man and a woman.

Matt M (jp) wrote: Oh boy. Do yourself a favor and go get the Rifftrax version. Otherwise, this is a creepily computer animated train wreck. Moderately fun to watch at times. But seriously... Get the Rifftrax.

Michelle R (fr) wrote: We really liked this movie; it's a serious movie so be prepared for that.