Yoo-Hoo, Mrs. Goldberg

Yoo-Hoo, Mrs. Goldberg

The story of the actress, writer, and broadcasting pioneer Gertrude Berg.

The story of the actress, writer, and broadcasting pioneer Gertrude Berg. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dan L (kr) wrote: Not too funny, not too comedy... a love comedy that not too lovely. Jacky Cheung and Wei Tang were good in the movie but the story was a bit stupid. Also, Andy On... I felt sorry for him just to have a few scenes in this movie and honestly, why him?? In a love comedy?? He is a fighter, not a comedian!! Nonetheless, good filming and editing though.

Nadine D (gb) wrote: Une bande originale retenir ! d'Emilie Simon.

Patrick E (es) wrote: The 2000??s will mostly be remembered for the internet explosion and reality TV so I guess it was only natural that a filmmaker would pick up on these pop culture items and create a film based upon with the result being UK horror film My Little Eye. It??s undoubtedly an original concept which is refreshing in this day of sequels and remakes and for the first half is truly an excellent film but the final half hour is nothing short of a travesty.The film starts off explaining that five people have entered an internet reality show where they will have to live in an isolated house for 6 months. If they can last the time without any of them leaving they will win $1m but if any of them leave they will all get nothing. The house is littered with webcams with the show being streamed live 24 hours a day. Immediately after the concept has been explained we cut forward to the final week of the 6 months where a series of strange happenings have begun to occur around the house. Firstly the heating is cut, then one of the characters granddads has supposedly died and eventually dark aspects of each character past begin to be played upon. Is it just the production company trying to get them to leave the house or is something more sinister at work?Honestly the first hour of the film is truly excellent stuff. The large creaky old house is suitably eerie, the rising tensions are excellently portrayed as each character begins to become increasingly paranoid and the mystery surrounding what??s really happening is brilliantly built upon. Although all the characters are clichs, such as the druggy and the jock etc., each one is giving sufficient screen time for us to get to know their idiosyncrasies which are then twisted and played upon with strange happening. The camera work is excellent and it really is an excellent mystery horror film that??s quite disturbing at times. Even after the mystery of what??s really happening is unveiled it??s surprisingly not a let down and only adds to the films premise. Then the final twist is revealed and the film takes an incredible nosedive to utter mediocrity for the final half hour.How the filmmakers thought this would be a good idea is beyond me. In one foul swoop they took an interesting and genuinely disturbing premise into your typical B-Movie horror plot. All tension and mystery is lost and we watch the lost half hour in disbelief. It??s painfully predictable with a laughable ending and simply ruins everything that came before it. Even the camera work loses its way, nothing at all went right in the last half hour.For the first hour, My Little Eye is a wonderfully original and interesting horror film that sadly really loses its way in the last half hour. It??s a shame as it really could have been one of the best horror films of the decade but ends up being another average effort. It??s definitely worth an effort for the first hour and some people might even enjoy the final twists but for me it just didn??t work.

Orlando R (nl) wrote: An awesome flick, particularly from an entrepreneur's point of view.

Joshua S (de) wrote: This movie is roughly as funny as you'd think it'd be, and you'd think it'd be as funny as a beige paint watcher talking about his job.

Grant H (au) wrote: Good movie. Very funny, very action packed, with a decently cheesy performance from Seagal.

Pavel S (jp) wrote: Not an easy film to watch. Starts as a family drama, but evolves in .... oh boy, tragedy - is that a right word?Thousands thoughts spinning in my head now...

Nicholas A (mx) wrote: Beautiful, just beautiful

Gavin L (ca) wrote: Still a classic film, dated but great popcorn fun!!!

Jude P (ru) wrote: Indeed it a must see and full of suspense till the end.