You and Your Stupid Mate

You and Your Stupid Mate

Phillip (Phillips) and Geoffrey (Sampson) are two Aussie larrikins, whose lives centre around running the un-official "Sons and Surf" website...

Best friends Jeffrey and Philip embark on a ridiculous scheme to save their favorite TV soap, "Sons of Surf." In HD. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Meredith R (de) wrote: Brilliant movie! For single mothers it describes their lives well & all the struggles you have to go through, but they never let these struggles stop them! I should know. My mom was a single parent for awhile & she was & is an incredible mother!

Robert F (jp) wrote: It physically hurt it watch.

jeroen v (us) wrote: Well made biopic shows that the Norwegian resistance did its bit to bring the Nazi empire to its knees. Should be seen as a triple bill with Denmark's "Flammen og Citronen" and Holland's "Soldier of Orange" as the common threads in all three are interesting overlaps. Hennie is very good as the title character and the supportive cast is all spot on. The film excells in creating a tension that would've been all pervasive in those times therefore creating an authenticity that is very convincing. Historically the film has some additional info unknown to most WWII buffs as the sinking of the Donau was a giant success that assisted the Allied advancement in France and Belgium greatly.

Colin K (br) wrote: Four laughs per minute.

Douglas L (de) wrote: Nothing really new here, definitely stupid and ridiculous but it was fun in a weird sort of way. The main "maniacs" (Andrews, Englund and SHaye) were all pretty good in their roles respectively.

Mark C (es) wrote: Visually stunning; beyond that -- a mere repackaged rip-off of Dances With Wolves.

Ynke C (nl) wrote: Anita Mui and Leslie Cheung certainly turn in fine performances (especially Mui), but it might be that many high ratings are a result of nostalgia. It certainly has an important place in Cantopop/HK cinema.

Matthew B (nl) wrote: used to love this in junior high

Eibo S (nl) wrote: Pretty terrible for the classic title and claims of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The actual transition between Jekyll and Hyde that is meant to kill Lanyon was absolutely disappointing. Not to mention Hyde wasn't horrifying at all, just looking like gay. And most of the movie surrounded the court case and he tore up the envelope. Utterly disappointed

Alec B (es) wrote: Far sillier than it's drab design and overly serious tone suggests. Also, the plot can't follow it's own absurd internal logic.

Luciano G (it) wrote: If you're looking for a typical slasher, horror flick, this is a good choice.....don't expect a surprise ending or even witty, interesting dialogue.... you will get some screams, some gore, some pre-mortem nudity and some laughs......the point is, don't expect too much....

Patrick P (nl) wrote: Andre's terribly dull but Wally's great reading the phonebook so I'll take him where I can get him.