You Are Alone

You Are Alone

"We're gonna play a game of Snap! Pick a bracelet. Pull it hard!" But it's a game of desperate consequences in YOU ARE ALONE, a dark exploration of just how far a man and a woman will go to escape loneliness, if only for an hour. Daphne, a Yale-bound high school senior whose depression has blurred her sense of reality, works as an escort, advertising her services online. Her next door neighbor catches her as the "entertainment" at his nephew's bachelor party. With her hidden life precariously hanging in the balance, Daphne agrees to spend one hour with her neighbor. Initially confrontational, Daphne and her neighbor begin to shed their bitter layers of personal disappointment and general cynicism by talking about sex.

A dark drama which takes a looks at how far its characters will go to relieve loneliness, even if only for an hour. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Magnus S (ca) wrote: Watchable sequel if you liked the first one.

logan w (gb) wrote: all the insidiouses are good first one is the best

Carlos M (au) wrote: A brutal and gripping Congolese neo-noir that doesn't invest as much in character development as it does in creating a raw atmosphere, and so the result is an exciting and realistic blaxploitation movie that turns a generic plot into an interesting return to the grindhouse days.

Andrew S (us) wrote: Better than I expected. Seth Rogen plays his predictable comedic role.

Joel S (ca) wrote: Misleading and inaccurate

Oscar T (de) wrote: Realmente me gusto la propuesta del director en cuanto a historia ya que se va un poco mas alla a lo que se venia haciendo en Colombia pero la pelicula se queda un poco a medias y muchas veces recurre a mecanismos ya visto en este tipo de peliculas que la hacen ver no tan original como parece, aun asi un muy buen esfuerzo por parte del nuevo talento colombiano para hacer cambiar nuestro cine.

Jon R (de) wrote: This film needs to be understood in it's context to be appreciated. It isn't about religion, it isn't about school struggles it's about the significance of life choices and their implications. While some of the tensions do seem forced the filmmakers avoid the mistake of oversimplifying the material. The characters are typical cliches of average people because these are the struggles of average people.

Jeff C (au) wrote: Read the was good...I can see Mickey as the Armand (the Blackbird!) but will he talk the same way (with the subtle accent that was in my head?). More importantly will it start above the Toronto landmark we know so well?

David S (it) wrote: Steve Martin is a funny guy and great comedian but he makes some very very interesting (read bad) film choices.

Danielle R (gb) wrote: the costumes were great, but i really didn't even feel like abhishek was even trying.

Sebastian H (ru) wrote: Enjoyable crime romp on location in Malta. Didn't convince me, but had character

Janni F (au) wrote: This musical makes me happy. I'm not the biggest fan of Ado Annie's voice in this movie though...

Andy B (ru) wrote: Alright, I see a lot of hate going around for this film. I have to disagree with a lot of it. Pauly Shore was nearing his peak of greatness when this film came out. He was an icon for being crazy and fun. That is exactly what this movie is, a crazy fun time. This was my favorite comedy growing up. This film also sparked Fraser's career and Astin's comeback. Astin went on to make Rudy, which is one of the greatest films ever made. Pauly Shore owned the 90s, you have to understand that first. It has some amazing surfer dialogue, and it is still being used today. If you want to have some fun, watch this film. It's free everywhere on the net. Two Thumbs up for three great actors.

Josh B (mx) wrote: Other than a relatively early look at Clifton Collins Jr., . . . not a whole lot to see here.