You Are God

You Are God

One of the biggest Polish film premieres of 2012 and eagerly anticipated for over a decade, it is the story of the late 90s generation and the three friends behind the music: Magik, Focus and Rahim. The fact-based film directed by Leszek Dawid charts the relentless struggle for success of Paktofonika, against the backdrop of crumbling traditional values in dreary 90s Silesia. The contradictory ideals of hiphop - the rebellious, edgy lyrics against the ‘system’ juxtaposed with the money and fame sought by the artists - are superbly captured in this dark, unforgettable drama.

The process of creating Polish hip-hop group Paktofonika, its highs and lows and very last days of life of its frontman and co-founder Piotr (Magik) Luszcz. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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21 JUMP 0P L0CK I3FL66N (br) wrote: yo i seen dis movie n its one of da best movie i eva saw ya digg

Lenora M (es) wrote: Nothing we haven't seen before. Were supposed to be scared of the wilderness because evil religious people run amass.

ARK f (kr) wrote: Good movie, a little cheesy though

Jen C (de) wrote: Confusing dialogue. Not much of a story. Great acting.

Hanson M (mx) wrote: Linda boring at some spots, but really awesome, one of my favorite American movies of his

Kiran B (fr) wrote: man o man, no other movie blew me away as much as this one, a true epic of enormous proprtions, teh first 20 mins of this movie are enuf to make it into an elite league where few other movies can ever dream of. Definitely not recommended for ones with a taste of the finer arts of movie making, this one is as crude as they come, only the most basic of human emotions are used to drag your attention to the story line. A simple movie with mind blowing dialogue in which god himself stands tall in the end

Dorothy D (br) wrote: I happen to love this movie, sure its not as high tech as today's movies but its funny, its a good Halloween movie if you aren't into slasher movies or the usual Halloween movies, its an ok movie for kids, and for its time it was near pioneering and CGI was still in its infancy, plus it has a surprise at the end

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Andy C (jp) wrote: Opens on a reporter telling you pretty much the entire plot outline, then moves to a traditional narrative, pretty decent and inspired "The Untouchables" TV series, thanks TCM for that worthless bit of info.

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The A (br) wrote: It's a serial comedy. There's fun to be had, but not much else.