You Can't Beat the Law

You Can't Beat the Law

A wild playboy is framed by crooks for a robbery he didn't commit and eventually lands in prison. There he becomes pals with the prison's most hardened criminal, who plans a daring escape.

Playboy Johnny Gray is framed and sent to prison after his stolen car is found at a holdup committed by Rico, and while the latter is not suspected, his henchman Harry, Creeper and Red are ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


You Can't Beat the Law torrent reviews

Paul D (it) wrote: Gay Rom-Com: basic story line - "Don't wish to be a slag as you'll end up being unhappy!"

Tynan Y (gb) wrote: Starring Sally Field and Joanne Woodward, this is a powerful look into the issue of dissociative identity disorder through the character of Sybil.

Joshua L (it) wrote: should've more and better action

John B (jp) wrote: Total epic fail. Literally the worst movie of the 80's

Axl L (us) wrote: Good movie with great story. A great way to look at Vietnam, more intelligent story than most action film. Great acting and don't rely on body counts to please viewers.