You Got Served: Beat the World

You Got Served: Beat the World

Three dance crews prepare to do battle at the international Beat the World competition in Detroit. In the final showdown to become world champions lifelong hopes, dreams and even lives, are at stake.

Three groups of dancers prepare to join a competition in Detroit. In the final show, their life are threatened . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John W (mx) wrote: Missed opportunity. Could have been an excellent psychological thriller and started with a lot of promise. Excellent buildup of tension, interesting premise ruined by confused directing and lack of clear purpose.

Steve M (it) wrote: Back From Hell (aka "Demon Apocalypse") Starring: Shawn Scarbrough, Larry DuBois, Don Ruem, and Matt Hundley Director: Matt Jaissle After Jack (DuBois), an actor who sold his soul for stardom, renegs on the deal with Satan, he turns to his childhood friend, Aaron (Scarsbrough), now a priest, hoping not only to free himself from the curse that has been placed on him, but also to stop the demonic conquest of the world that is coming. "Back From Hell" features a good idea--an actor who is cursed to inspires homicidal rage against him in anyone who looks into his eyes--but that idea is watered down by an insipid "demons are going to conquer the world" storyline that gets added. Any potential to bring decent life to this idea is then squashed by badly written dialogue that is delivered by actors who are amazing in their lack of talent; by bad casting (Larry DuBois would barely be believable as a porn star, let alone a Hollywood leading man); by badly choreographed fight scenes; by some of the worst gore effects ever put on film; by inconsistent color correction of the footage; by sound editing and foley work so bad it might almost have been better if the crew hadn't even bothered; and by a music soundtrack that sounds like it was a discarded rough draft stolen from the garbage cans outside John Carpenter's office. (Or maybe the band Goblin saw some of their discarded music swiped... there are after all zombies tossed into this flick for no real good reason.) I think maybe three minutes of actual music was composed for the film, and the same bit was used over and over... and it doesn't matter WHAT is happening on the screen... zombie attacks, boring filler footage of the heroes driving down the freeway, filler shots of the landscape... all are equally worthy of the short little electronic riff that is the movie's score. The only thing that makes this film even remotely watchable is the occasional moments of unintentional comedy, which is at its high-point when Father Aaron is touched by the Bible in ways he's never been before, and when the demonic entity Tiamat speaks with Jack and Father Aaron and sounds alternatively like Cookie Monster and Grover from "Sesame Street." (I kept expecting the demon to start saying "Near... Far! Neeaarr... Faaar!") There is also humor in the bad editing, sound effects, dialogue, and continuity control in the film. However, the giggle-worthy stuff is vastly outweighed by the just plain bad. "Back From Hell" is one of those films that is barely worthy of a putting on the program for a Bad Movie Night... and you want to make sure you show it last. It may be too bad to actually get through. (I only got through it because every time I reached for the remote, something so atrotiously bad would appear on the screen that I had to keep watching to see if things could get worse. It teeters on the brink between One Tomato and Zero, with the unintentional comedy earning it what little rating it gets. "Back From Hell" is a film that you want to put back on the shelf if you ever come across it. (I think the only place you'll find it on DVD are in some of the Brentwood Home Video multipacks--I saw it in the "Bite Night" 10-movie set. If you see it listed, particularly in one of the four packs, you might think twice before parting with your cash.

Telvin S (ag) wrote: There is only 1 word for India's first Stereoscopic 3D film...AWESOME!!! A very good horror movie indeed..The 3D effects are just superb..Even the sound effect is amazing..Tia Bajpai looks beautiful even Mahakshay Chakraborty acted well...I was just stunned admiring the 3D effects..Each frame was in 3D..Go watch it in 3D it wil be more spookier than watching a normal screen..Even the storyline is interesting cinematic experience where it wont let u down..:)

Annie C (au) wrote: "What if all these stars are notes on a page of music, swirling in the blue... like jazz..."

Keith G (ca) wrote: I liked this movie. Slow pace but captivating. Some really good acting.

Sascha B (kr) wrote: Atemberaubend prsentierter Live-Action-Manga mit symphatischen Charakteren, stilsicher inszeniert. Die Special Effects knnten besser sein, aber auch so hat mich der Film umgehauen. Absolut empfehlenswert, nicht nur fr Freunde asiatischer Geschichte.

Ivonne K (gb) wrote: I can not find the last version that actually was showed in theaters without Franca Potente. But, terrible movie!!! Bad performances...The story lost since the begining of its way, and turns into a untrue contemporary love story with two actores wearing the period disguises.

Soraya (au) wrote: ok ok...i watched this!

Don S (kr) wrote: This is like a mash up of Spring Break and the Karate Kid. The first part, kid goes to destination with no place to stay, hooks up with partying surfers, etc., is completely horrid. Awash with poor acting and lots of surfer jargon, I nearly turned it off (and I don't do that). Then kid hooks up with surfer guru and learns humility and other life lessons. Becomes awesome surfer and enters contest. This part is pretty good. Throw in the absolutely stunning Nia Peeples, and the movie is saved!

EWC o (us) wrote: Not as shocking now, kind of tame compared to some things actually. Still an interesting commentary on "who is the real savage"

Matthew S (ag) wrote: Ken Russell's MAHLER has sadly seemingly been forgotten. This is cinematic art.

HelenaErmy V (au) wrote: Well, nobody's perfect

Juan G (fr) wrote: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha i saw you seeing your abuela

Mikey P (ca) wrote: Whether you like it or not is irrelevant. What this movie achieves in recreating the 1940's Shanghai is nothing short of amazing. Also the Blu-ray transfer is just mind-blowing. The movie itself seems like a modern take on Casablanca. It's a pleasure to watch but it's storyline is not it's strongest point. To say it's weak or mediocre, however, would be a major understatement. It's just not on par with the visual splendour. You owe it to yourself to watch this one - if good, but not great plot isn't enough for you, do it for the eye-candy.

Doc B (us) wrote: dont kill me....don't kill m....DON'T KILL me...don't kill ME!....DON'T K