You Know My Name

You Know My Name

In six months, the population of Cromwell, Oklahoma, has climbed from 500 to 10,000. Boom times have come to the oil-rich town. So has a new breed of criminal. You Know My Name is the fact-based story of Bill Tilghman, a lawman and former partner of Wyatt Earp confronted by an emerging era when outlaws run whiskey instead of cattle and are likely to tote a tommy gun as carry a six-gun. An ideally cast Sam Elliott plays Tilghman, whose life takes on a newfangled wrinkle of its own. Tilghman makes a moving picture of his Old West exploits; and the success of that silent film, The Passing of the Oklahoma Outlaws, spreads his reputation like a brushfire. But that reputation may mean nothing to a thug (Arliss Howard) who hides behind a badge.

Fact-based bio of early film director-producer, Bill Tilghman (Sam Elliott). Tighman was a real life cowboy, who rode with the Earps & faced down countless bad guys. When he turned to films... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael H (it) wrote: Plenty of flaws including overly dramatic scoring and a too-long dreamlike frolic in at a riding arena but this off-balance, uncomfortable, unsettling movie sticks, gnawing, in your memory. Who knows whether that's a tribute to the parts that work, a result of the parts that don't, or the peculiarly effective alchemy of it all.

Hannah D (au) wrote: This is a very exciting British thriller about a runaway London train. I really like films set on trains, so I knew this would appeal. I was not disappointed as it really lived up to my expectations, perhaps even exceeded them. It is always important to me to get to know the characters and therefore emphasise with their situation, and I felt this film really handled that very well.

Brian C (it) wrote: While this movie has a horribly long build up, it does pay off for the last few moments. I am surprised by this movie because of the concentration on characterization or Brad and Ashley throughout. Makes the payoff much more profound.The movie isn't without fault, but was enjoyable, and nice to see a 'zombie' type film relying more on the buildup rather than just blood and guts.

Iggy V (de) wrote: Indie NoseBone here! Tragically and arguably Ryan Dunn's best roll, Living will gives you that weird reminder that death can be funny! Remember Casper? Well this is Casper mixed with that friend that you always seem to get into a lot of fun trouble with. Don't let the cover of the movie fool you though! The only thing on the cover that reflects the movie truly, is Dunn wearing the Army Helmet. Bam's only in for one short scene, that chicken and dog aren't in it at all... and I can't tell if the chick is the female protagonist, or a generic "Look! Boobs! Let's get this movie!" girl. If given the chance, it has such a deep seeded story and ending, that will either make you cry, laugh, both, or just nod your head with approval, like that meme with the bearded dude in the woods. (Look it up!) Enjoy!!!

Jon D (es) wrote: First in the trilogy a World War 2 film starring Danny Dyer n Sean Bean...worth a watch 3.5 stars :)

The Phantom C (ca) wrote: The novelty of a killer turkey wears off quickly.

Anthony V (gb) wrote: Good old fashion Ken Russell sleaze.

Samuel H (fr) wrote: 10 things I hate about this film: can't think of them. Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles are superb, making this one of my favorite chick flicks.

curti f (ca) wrote: disappointed at the end, but solid film

Kage N (ag) wrote: Okay, this I have to see. Horror schlock that hardly takes itself seriously... honestly, that's what I like about some horror movies (like those released by Troma).

Ryan S (ru) wrote: It's a good movie and all, but it's forgettable