You'll Never Get Rich

You'll Never Get Rich

A Broadway choreographer (Fred Astaire) gets drafted and puts on a GI show with his girlfriend (Rita Hayworth) and producer (Robert Benchley).

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:1941
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dance,   jealousy,   dream,  

After his wife discovers a telltale diamond bracelet, impresario Martin Cortland tries to show he's not chasing after showgirl Sheila Winthrop. Choreographer Robert Curtis gets caught in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Susan A (es) wrote: It IS clever, And honest. Really good dialogue and Chris Evans is my new crush. I really liked this movie. Good cast. Good characters.Good chemistry. Nicely paced.

George M (jp) wrote: Now, this was a totally pointless film. It adds nothing to the great original, it only downgrades every aspect of it. The incompetend actors couldn't possibly compare with the standard Tatsuya Nakadai and the others set 40 years before. As a result, the stoicism, melancholy and magnificence that Nakadai, with his characteristically deep voice, brought to the original role of Hanshiro is totally lost in a superficial performance by Ichikawa. The other actors fall short too of their tasks and especially the actor playing the young son of Hanshiro and the actors playing the vicious samurais of the li house. They are all too young and look more like they are bullies in a school than experienced samurais. The music is ridiculous. Soft piano accompanies most of the melodramatic scenes of Hanshiro's flashback. Now, of all the nonsense to do in a period film with samurai this takes the crown! I won't mention the ludicrously emphasised disgusting sound effects in the harakiri scene. The 3D gives nothing essential to the film; it only distracts with 'pretty' but unneeded weather effects that pretend to give some symbolic significance to the drama. The final showdown at the finale of the original is probably one of the most breathtaking fighting scenes in the history of cinema (it was exhilerating, suberbly acted, choeographed with precision, looked totally realistic and most of all, it worked like katharsis), but this remake totally ruins the actual significance of the scene by emphasizing the melodrama of the character (the 'bad-ass' glances of the main actor don't help either). The film overall gives the feeling of a superficial, light piece to be consumed by the Tarantino-bred younger generations and lacks the focus and the purity of Masaki Kobayashi's masterpiece. The cinematography is very good though with nice colours and subtle camera movements. The overall rhythm suffers too with overlong melodramatic moments and overlong coda after the death of the hero.

Jamie C (fr) wrote: Brilliantly funny and enough zombie killings to please most action fans and really funny humour to entertain most people who are fans of zombie films, You will not be disappointed, With a great cast it's hard not to like them.

Marcia L (gb) wrote: Mmmmm Tyrese. Good story line too.

Timothy F (de) wrote: This isn't the quirky comedy that the trailer seems to show, but there is real heart in this one. The tempo was rather slow and took some getting used to, but I think it helped to emphasize the uncertain rhythms that recent retirees often face.

William F (it) wrote: Much like with its predecessor, the film here definitely goes in a different direction in regards to its themes and sense of maturity and colour. But that's not to say that this is a bad thing, especially for this film specifically. While the plot still feels rushed, the pacing is much better than that of its predecessor. The characters still aren't as likeable, but they do have more moments that make them shine, and the action is still pretty intense. A good film overall.

Carolyn W (ag) wrote: I had to read the plot synopsis after watching it because I felt like I missed something. I didn't; the movie did.

Allan C (kr) wrote: Enjoyable but a mixed bag of a fantasy/horror film. Julian Sands plays an evil warlock from the 1700s who is being hunted down by Richard E. Grant. Their chase leads them to travel through time into the present (or the 1980s version of the present). Lori Singer (real-life brother of The Beastmaster, Marc Singer) plays the love interest. The most pleasant surprise about this film was that it was written by David Twohy (as D.T. Twohy), who'd was hot off his first writing writing credit, "Critters 2" but before he would go on to write "The Fugitive" "Pitch Black" "Below" and the underrated "Terminal Velocity." Although this film has a rather cheap low budget feel to it (the special effects are pretty terrible even by 1980s standards), the script has some interesting ideas and some better than average warlock battles, which is something that more often than not are poorly done in films and usually amount to witches and warlocks pointing their fingers and shooting something out of them. Twohy also brings better developed of characters than you'd expect for this sort of film. Also of note for this film is that Richard E. Grant is great and this made me want to watch some of his old films again. The film also features a fine Jerry Goldsmith score, which greatly helps the film along. On the downside, I've never been much of a Julian Sands fan and I think that's why I'd never watched this film before. Also, the film as directed by Steve Miner who I don't think ever made a film of note in his 40 year career (okay, maybe I did enjoy "Lake Placid" about the giant alligator). So overall, it's entertaining enough, even if it's a mixed bag.

Sergio O (de) wrote: Masterpiece. The part where she makes breaded veal is probably one of the most genius scenes in cinema.

Claire R (ag) wrote: This is a really fantastic film full of things that are nearly forgotten...the music and the powerful images ...deeply moving

Seraphic W (us) wrote: Why are you here, reading sodding reviews, instead of actually watching what I can only describe as the Citizen Kane of action movies? GO, PEOPLE! GO GET YOUR DIE HARD-ON! (See? See what I did thur? May Zeus forgive me.)

John S (kr) wrote: While the first one had a unique look and feel with actual likable characters, this just put guns and aliens as its goal.