You're Telling Me!

You're Telling Me!

Sam Bisbee is an inventor whose works (e.g., a keyhole finder for drunks) have brought him only poverty. His daughter is in love with the son of the town snob. Events conspire to ruin his bullet-proof tire just as success seems near. Another of his inventions prohibits him from committing suicide, so Sam decides to go on living..

A hard-drinking, socially-awkward inventor wrecks his daughter's chances of marriage into a rich family and bungles his own chances of success by selling one of his more practical inventions. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zan C (kr) wrote: The entire concept of a superbeing looking after the city evolves into a graphically cool animation. You would need to watch the continuation Karas: The Revelation, in order to see the conclusion.

Sean D (mx) wrote: Loved it! Emily Rios was fantastic, and so realistic. She is a terrific actress. I also loved that Carlos (Jerry Garcia) played against the gay stereotype, although I hated that the gay neighbors were the stereotype. This film makes me want to live in Echo Park. Beautiful movie that actually has real emotion.

Dave S (es) wrote: I guess it is OK to say that this is a sweet movie. A look at the traditional coming of age parties for 15 year old girls. The story of friends/family sharing in the parties. The twist is the hoodlum looking brother/cousin, who has a secret of his own. Of course a movie like this would not be the same without an aging relative who is friend to all no matter what. Sweet yes. Speaking of sweet, Jesse Garcia is a real looker....

Siriporn P (us) wrote: A deserving retaliation.

Benjamin S (gb) wrote: The love story at the center of this film is earnest and convincing. In the end, Wicker Park delivers on its promise despite stumbling a bit along the way.

Drew H (mx) wrote: The best horror doco going round. I loved every second of this. The only problem I have is it wasn't long enough!

Zeke B (ag) wrote: A bad documentary, and I really love documentaries... Obviously done by an American who had a hard time dealing with religious freedom.

Marcus W (mx) wrote: No signs of age on this at all. Just as poignant as it was when it first came out.

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Donnie B (de) wrote: Worthy horror classic, it's status is bona fide , Werewolf of London is very good for the time period.

monsieur r (nl) wrote: Interesting film, but only half the way through does it get going. Big lawyer leaves wife alone too much and she gets involved in an affair, or so it seems. The neglected wife of begins a flirtation with another man, who turns out to be a gigolo. After it appears that she shot him when he attempted to blackmail her, another woman is charged with the crime. I found it hard to watch all of this, but you have to give these old films a chance or you be tempted to stop watching. Never been a fan of the stuffy Powell, but there is a family scene where they're all on the floor doing excercises. Quite a break to see the stars being more real. There is extortion from her affair and Loy sees a gun to use on her new found admirer. But someone else gets the blame for a death. Loy, believing she did the killing, persuades Powell to take up the defense of the girl which he does. The stress on Loy, especially culminating in the courtroom, forces new revelations about the crime. There, you have most of the plot but not the finale. The last 20 minutes full of courtroom drama with a suprise ending. Writes one viewer: "The acting helps what has now become a familiar story. Myrna Loy is absolutely gorgeous and sympathetic as a lonely wife resisting the attentions of another man; and you know that Powell, despite his philandering, cares for her deeply. Una Merkel is delightful as Evelyn's friend." NOTES about the film: 1 * Rosalind Russell in her film debut. 2 The third of fourteen films pairing William Powell and Myrna Loy. 3 Mrs. Blake: Does your husband beat you? Evelyn Prentice: No, I wish he did. He'd have to be home to do it. :)) Cast William Powell as John Prentice Myrna Loy as Evelyn Prentice Una Merkel as Amy Drexel Rosalind Russell as Mrs. Nancy Harrison * Isabel Jewell as Judith Wilson Harvey Stephens as Lawrence Kennard Edward Brophy as Eddie Delaney Henry Wadsworth as Chester Wylie Cora Sue Collins as Dorothy Prentice Frank Conroy as District Attorney Farley Jessie Ralph as Mrs. Blake Directed by William K. Howard Produced by John W. Considine, Jr. Written by W. E. Woodward (novel) Lenore J. Coffee-Howard Emmett Rogers (uncredited adaptation) Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Release date(s) November 9, 1934 Running time 78-80 minutes