You Stupid Man

You Stupid Man

After a man finally gets over his former girlfriend, who has moved to Los Angeles and become a television star, and falls in love with another woman, the former girlfriend's show is canceled and she wants him back.

After a man finally gets over his former girlfriend, who has moved to Los Angeles and become a television star, and falls in love with another woman, the former girlfriend's show is canceled and she wants him back. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Todd T (mx) wrote: Very well done. Balanced. But not much revealed that any history buff would not already know.

Aakash G (nl) wrote: ranbir's bst movie!!

Alex S (au) wrote: Slow, predictable, boring, a little romantic. Looks more like a project by a film school student than serious movie.

Daniel R (us) wrote: It's not a mind blowing movie or story but I kept me watching the TV the whole movie.

Vincent S (ru) wrote: Very so-so script. Too slow, no acting performance(even Nick Cheung), and action sequence even not exciting at all. Last time "Beast Stalker" was good, but now this one (to be honest) was boring. Frankly, the idea didn't work for me.

Leonardo A (gb) wrote: one of the Aaron Eckhart's greatests performances, and a spectacular (and a little scary) Bill Nighy's performance with a interisting, curious and enjoyable story. a good work, if we talk about costume and make-up with a good screen but (sadly) a regular special effects in some points. . a good movie with some mistakes but enjoyable even still.

Michael R (jp) wrote: The bear had a right to be upset, but still this seemed a little extreme.

Nicholas W (gb) wrote: On my favorite TV movies I love story

Red L (de) wrote: I've seen a few movies like this. Womanizing guy falls in love with beautiful woman only to find out she has terminal something-or-other, and he matures caring for her. Seen it, done it.

Darla B (fr) wrote: A pressure cooker of a movie all shot in one room... great cast, great script... a thinker

Christopher B (nl) wrote: Gritty war film that isn't quite as gory or realistic as it could have been, thankfully. Several strong performances with above average script.

Michael R (it) wrote: Bloody, Slimy and perverse, From Beyond is a highly entertaining piece of horror cinema. Stuart Gordon brings back most of the Re-Animator crew in another one of his Lovecraft inspired gorefrests. Pure gross out fun!

Allen R (mx) wrote: Fantastic forgotten gem of 70's horror that wrings a vibe of hallucinatory weirdness for every drop of stylistic fright that it can. It's like a lost or Argento or Bava, with transfixing visuals that are are both beautiful and disorienting, and the story is a pure Lovecraftian riff on his "Shadow over Innsmouth" novella. Fans of 70's cinema should take note of the production pedigree - written, directed, and produced by the writers of AMERICAN GRAFFITI, edited by the award-winning editor of ROCKY, art directed by award-winning Jack Fisk, lensed by famed DP Steven Katz, and features the great Walter Hill.

Eliabeth M (fr) wrote: Sera: Don't you like me, Ben?Ben Sanderson: Sera... what you don't understand is - no, see, no. You can never, never ask me to stop drinking. Do you understand?Sera: I do. I really do.Una de las historias de amor ms trgicas en la historia del cine y tambin ms realistas. Ac no existen los personajes que mgicamente se transforman por estar enamorados. Personas profundamente rotas que pueden -aunque sea por un instante- encontrar confort en la compaa del otro y acompaarse en sus miserias. Ben es un alcohlico que ya est al fin del camino, y decide irse a Las Vegas a dejarse morir a menos del alcohol. Conoce a Sera, una prostituta y se enamora, pero desde el principio le deja en claro que la bebida es su prioridad y que sus planes no van a cambiar solo por haberla conocido. Honrando su palabra, ambos tratan de mantenerse a flote, pero a la final sus demonios son ms fuertes que ellos. La qumica entre Cage y Shue es uno de los aspectos ms resaltantes porque hacen de esta pelcula una de las experiencias ms dolorosas que he visto en la pantalla, sobretodo porque se sabe que no habr final feliz. Probablemente esta sea la actuacin ms poderosa en la carrera de Nicolas Cage. Su retrato como alcohlico te deja fro, especialmente sabiendo que esta es la realidad de millones de personas actualmente. Pero a pesar de que es la persona ms egosta, deja dicho que es la botella que lo somete y slo de vez en cuando podemos ver su verdadero carcter detrs de la tragedia de su alcoholismo y es suficiente para sentir empata y lograr ver lo que Sera vio en l. Esta pelcula se mantiene sincera a su premisa de principio a fin, y aunque no sea una experiencia agradable, el director Mike Figgis estuvo dispuesto a contar esta historia que se aleja totalmente de cualquier estereotipo hollywoodense y se agradece. Una pelcula brutal.

Wesley W (nl) wrote: Pretty much Billy Bob Thornton's and Sean William Scott's worst film. In the past I used to like this movie but now I realize it just wastes its talented cast on this weak and almost laugh-free script. This is one of those comedies that fails to deliver any real laughs and isn't anything memorable concerning its intriguing premise and its cast. Throughout this film, you can tell the director and writers put little thought into everything that was happening on screen. If only they got a better director and writers, than this could have been something more than your average and generic forgettable comedy. In my book, the only good things about this movie is one scene with Sean William Scott that I found funny and Billy Bob Thornton is sometimes good in the type of role that he plays here. If you want a much better Billy Bob Thornton comedy, don't waste your time with this and watch Bad Santa instead.