You've Got Mail

You've Got Mail

Book superstore magnate, Joe Fox and independent book shop owner, Kathleen Kelly fall in love in the anonymity of the Internet – both blissfully unaware that he's putting her out of business.

Two business rivals hate each other at the office but fall in love over the internet. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vivian L (ca) wrote: The best B Movie ever!!!

Benson L (ag) wrote: the lack of an good budget really hurt this movie it ends kinda suddenly and doesnt show the fate of sean beans character and why are the commandos wearing green instead of white camo for an operation in norway doesnt make sence over all an lost oppunity to make something good

S s (au) wrote: Remind yourself often to breathe. Very suspenseful film that manages to keep the audience entertained for 90 minutes despite it's limits.

Ollie G (mx) wrote: Claire Denis' characters and subtle direction make the film an engrossing study into relationships between family and friends and how the line between them can often blur.

Loreno R (de) wrote: It seems a film armed of very good intentions, love is always different and always reinvents itself and wins. However, it ultimately prevails the feeling that you have been watching something artificial. We are all different for some implausible reasons and love prevails because Ozon really, really, really wanted it to prevail. Shame.

Scott A (ag) wrote: Okay, the world would clearly be better for young girls if there were simply more female Superheroes, but they will just need better films than this.I remember this came on TV once, but I just never gave it a chance as a child, but I think Helen Slater is one of the most gorgeous actresses out there, and she looks super sexy in that costume. And she's really good here. She's both adorable, but can also kick some butt too.But the plot around her is just lazy, basically using elements of the original Superman like her school roommate just so happens to be Lois Lane's cousin, who is friends herself with Jimmy Olsen...who is the only cast member to show up here. Sadly the Man Of Steel, who is talked about a lot, is off light years away on some mission at the time.The bad girls, are basically female version of Hackman and Beatty from Superman, and Dunaway seems to be having a lot of fun hamming it up.The action is decent and the effects actually hold up better than ones in the Superman films, but it's a long film that can drag and it just had to many lame moments dragging it down.Like when she became the brown haired school girl: how did she do that exactly? Or when she leaves the craft she's suddenly in costume? Like we needed to see how she came up with it or something.But the love story is what kills this film. Hart Bochner is so bad here, you keep waiting for Hans Gruber to show up and 86 the guy!!! Having a love triangle between Supergirl and her villain was just silly.The story is overlong and loaded with cheese in areas, but Helen Slater makes it at least some what watchable!

Mark K (nl) wrote: Trains, murders, and a tough guy - Charles Bronson. What, another 'Taking of Pelham 1-2-3?' Nope, wrong. Breakheart Pass is a western that actually features action on a train, not just a train full of bad guys pulling into Dead End Gulch. The movie adaptation was based upon the novel by famous yarnster Alistair MacLean, who also wrote the screenplay. An unusual murder mystery, Breakheart Pass has Charles Bronson, and old-school badass, who steps out of his usual tough guy role, and plays a dangerous murderer. Wait, I guess that's not so different from his usual roles! However, in this film, he shows some of that craggy charisma he did in films like the Magnificent Seven. In fact, it's probably the most lines he ever had in a movie. Set in the 1870's, aboard an army supply train in the Old West, the film is noteworthy because it's quite different from the usual gunslingers and range wars fare. Bronson plays his character with the usual grim-faced, gravel-voiced skill, and he's surprisingly effective here. The film also has a load of familiar old film stars supporting him in various roles, and they all look right at home in this western. The mystery of what's going on is slowly unraveled as the train chuffs slowly through the snowbound wilderness. There's some very cool photography, and the fact that it was shot aboard an authentic steam train in some beautiful locations elevates it from the humdrum. Although the pacing is a little slow, it does move along, sort of at a 1870 steam train pace. Unlike static western town scenarios, this murder mystery action western has some great scenery and action on and nearly off the train. The characters are straight out of the book with a few modifications, and they're all distinct and interesting. Charles Durning, Richard Crenna and Ben Jonson put on their Western personas here, and have fun with it. The result is an entertaining yarn about the old west, and there's even a pretty damsel (a still youthful Jill Ireland - Bronson's wife). It's a straightforward script, with good guys, bad guys, and those caught in between. It's up to you to figure out who really is who they say they are.

Andrew K (br) wrote: I guess I had never seen this. Ryan Reynolds was pretty great!