Young Adult

Young Adult

A divorced writer from the Midwest returns to her hometown to reconnect with an old flame, who's now married with a family.

After her unhappy marriage, a fiction writer comes back her hometown in Minnesota, get some troubles with her ex-boyfriend, who has a great life with his wife & a newborn daughter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Young Adult torrent reviews

Clinton A (es) wrote: All around great movie.

Chayc (ag) wrote: It was ok. Well done, but more of a drama than a horror flick.

David A (ca) wrote: As como F (C)nix era las manos de Concha,JODOROWSKY es alma del subconciente surrealista.

Tio B (au) wrote: Not even the title would survive the wrath of today's political correctness police. Hollywood is terrified of offending any groups, so there are no more fun movies. FATB is ace...except when it lets its guard down. Alan Arkin ruled the '70s.

Lee R (us) wrote: I guess it was an important movie

Brandon M (de) wrote: My full opinion: 6.2/10.

Steve J (ag) wrote: Deeply flawed but interesting low-budget thriller in the Hitchcock/De Palma mode. I don't want to talk too much about the plot, since this story relies on the element of surprise for most of its effect, but I will say that it did pull a few fast ones on me, a seasoned film-watcher. The acting is mostly decent, but tends to falter at key moments. Moreover, the violence occasionally crosses the line not into offense, but into absurdity, robbing the film of some of its power. Nevertheless this is an impressive independent film with some lovely cinematography, and a chillingly real performance from Alexia Rasmussen. Worth a watch for those interested in indie horror cinema, as well as for De Palma aficionados. I look forward to more from director Zack Parker.