Young and Dangerous

Young and Dangerous

Tommy Price is the leader of a gang of young thugs interested in thrills, hot rods and girls. His friends bet him he can't make it with 17-year-old Rosemary Clinton. Their date turns out badly and her parents forbid her to see him again. They keep meeting, and the relationship changes him to the extent that he plans on going to college and changing his life, which delights his parents.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:78 minutes
  • Release:1957
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:prostitute,   beer,   camera,  

Tommy Price (Mark Damon) is the leader of a gang of young thugs interested in thrills, hot rods and girls. His friends bet him he can't make it with 17-year-old Rosemary Clinton (Lili ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben T (kr) wrote: Director Bruce McDonald did it again! Surprisingly, it's one of the better Canadian films around lately. Stylistically, it's very French cinema Verite - natural and observational. It's a fly on the wall of two twenty-something characters that wondered Toronto aimlessly one hot summer night. It made you want to root for the slacker race track dude - Bruno (Greg Calderone). The Broken Social Scene concert sequences were energetic, fresh, hopping and socking. The emotions of the girl and the guy were well reflected to the beats of the BSS songs. This Movie Is Broken was hardly a wreck. Rather, it was a sweet mid-summer musical interlude!

Clintus M (fr) wrote: Ray McKinnon's Chrystal is a real undiscovered gem. Starring McKinnon's now-deceased wife Lisa Blount and Billy Bob Thornton, Chrystal is a startlingly real story of pain and redemption set in the "wild" backwoods of Arkansas. With its powerful themes and emotional scars, fans of Sling Blade should appreciate this film equally. It is no caricature. I loved the setting, characters, and issues, but the pace was uneven, At times I thought this was a brilliant film, and at others I thought it ponderous. The film is also "wild" in many senses; it features picturesque scenery and savage yet eerily accurate characters. Lisa Blount is wonderful; I'd like to see more of her roles. McKinnon is gifted also; I have seen him play a wide variety of characters. Chrystal's bluegrass musical background is a great addition and even steals a few scenes. This is a traumatic journey, not for the prudish or squeamish. It represents outstanding independent filmmaking.

Bengel W (ca) wrote: Charlie, as always dances across the screen with modern music as a compliment. A funny story that will encourage laughter, even at the end with the outtakes. You can tell that a movie is good when the actors and production are having fun. Nibbles: Chinese Take-away.

Eric R (es) wrote: More humorous and a few missteps for the franchise, but still very entertaining.

Paul J (ag) wrote: A simple little story that has charm, heart and originality. Nothing much happens but its quirky nature is appealing and the characters are all memorable. The moments that Forsyth focuses on are always free from cliche. In the end it's not as personally impact-full as Housekeeping but the film did make a fairly large cultural impact due to its pro-environment message. It's one of the first film to tap into the "Go Green" message that would become popular in the 90's. Actually, considering when the film came out, it had guts to go against the obsession with commerce. It also has a memorable score by Mark Knopfler and helped make Scotland a tourist attraction.

Wade W (ca) wrote: Mad Max is a solid action movie about redemption. The first film in the series focuses more on plot than action, but it holds up fairly well by today's standards. I wish Max's character was a bit more brave and hard-nosed, but thankfully that comes in part two. Mel Gibson is great as the lead and George Miller makes a name for himself as the director. Sometimes it's corny, but other times it's awesome.

Arash X (mx) wrote: Nearly as great as The Bicycle Thief, Highly recommended

Dave J (fr) wrote: Tuesday, October 30, 2012 (2007) Feast Of Love ROMANTIC DRAMA You know a movie is not very good when the soap operas one can get from television can come up with a more interesting premised that is better than this which centers on the Morgon Freeman character looking back few weeks before to recount as well as narrate some failed relationships and successful ones. The movie stars Greg Kinnear who basically tries to do the best he can with his artificial character and Selma Blair as his going to be ex-wife to whom her husband doesn't pay too much attention to. Pretentious film doesn't offer anything more than an excuse to showcase some nice looking T and A of some well known actresses Radha Mitchell, Selma Blair and Alexa Davalos who goes full frontal. It may have worked had it been longer to flesh out it's main characters but not as a 2 hour film. 2 out of 4

Tim M (fr) wrote: Vincent Price is superb as always this time in Roger Corman's take on Edgar Allan Poe's The Tomb of Ligeia. Well done in pacing, filming, and decently suspenseful throughout. Corman presents a good film and always knows how to bring down the house (normally with fire.)

Sean A (br) wrote: everything about this is beautiful. this film works on absolutely every level.