Young Dragons: Kung Fu Kids II

Young Dragons: Kung Fu Kids II

Get set for more kung foolery with everybody's favorite warrior waifs! After being trained as unbeatable kung fu fighters by their cantankerous grandpa, the three kung fu kids move to the big city and become adored media stars. Then they discover the nice old lady who took them in is actually their gradma herself a magical kung fu master! So, when grandpa shows up to claim the kids, granny challenges the old man to a hilarious, no holds barred battle to decide once and for all who's champ. Join the high kickin, special effects filled fun and adventure with the Young Dragons in Young Dragons The Kung Fu Kids II

Picking up from the events from their previous adventure, the Young Dragons (Ah Kuo, Hsiao and Chubby) are living the good life in modern day Taiwan with their grandparents who are finally ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Young Dragons: Kung Fu Kids II torrent reviews

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