Young Lady Chatterley

Young Lady Chatterley

Cynthia inherits a large estate and moves in. She reads her aunt's diary and finds out how she was taught in the ways of love by her gardener in 1901 at the age of 21. She decides to continue the fruitful relationship and gets it on with the handsome young gardener herself.

Cynthia inherits her aunt's large estate and moves in. She reads her aunt's diary and finds out (and graphically imagines) how she was taught in the ways of love by her gardener in 1901 at ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jimmy M (ru) wrote: Awesome video of a concert to remember

Gabriel H (au) wrote: Great almost all the way around. The short scriptures that it displayed before each "chapter" were an interesting foreshadowing device. I thought they used it well. It was not by any means a typical Christian movie, which can become annoyingly preachy even if you like the message. The religious theme was actually very subtle. I thought the soundtrack, which I've seen criticized heavily in other reviews, was actually quite good. It was mostly made up of melancholy gospel sounding songs that actually also seemed to have secular lyrics. It was quite strange, but I thought it fit the movie well. The most distracting flaw was, for me, the accents. They just didn't seem quite right, some of them sounded almost Irish. Otherwise, it was a very good, dark crime film.

luke s (mx) wrote: :/ Fairly decent thriller,nothing new but theres worse ways to spend 90 minutes

Veronica H (it) wrote: The ending of this movie dragged and was very frustrating, but the story is classic and sweet.

Eva S (gb) wrote: semi freaky but still good

Quiche E (ca) wrote: Seul film de Claire Denis que j'ai aime !Energique, esthetique, sensitif ; film qui porte bien son titre...

Gregory W (ru) wrote: one of her worst movies-what happened girl?

Joel M (it) wrote: 2/10: Love the poster, but can't say much about the movie. Watch this only you have nothing to watch.

Russell S (ca) wrote: Bursting with style, imagination, great action and a fantastical twisting plot, this is one great rollercoaster ride of a movie. The violence may be cartoonishly over the top and the expletives a little too frequent - but this is the perfect Arnie vehicle and a very entertaining one.

Katherine C (gb) wrote: Love all the songs in this musical.

Gabe S (nl) wrote: Paul Dano is fucking spectacular.

chris A (ru) wrote: Wasted 2 hours of my life watching this load of bull.To be honest, suggesting any connection with Harry Brown is trailing on a strand that has nothing to do with this other film, and if this is what London's depraved benefits dependant lowlife has succumbed to then maybe we need more Harry Browns in this world to sort this out.Of course, this is a film, but if you enjoy a film full of foul mouthed, drug en-fulled ,self obsessed piece of cinema, then you're welcome to it, but this is a watch once only film, and to be honest, if i'd known what i'd known now, it wouldn't have even been once.. How any reviewer rated this above 20% belies belief !

Andrew R (au) wrote: Aaron Eckhart gives a good performance in Thank You for Smoking where he plays the spokesman for the tobacco industry. As we peak into his life we get to see how good he really is at persuading people to inhale poison. We also get a glimpse at how the government and media also manipulate people to advance their agenda. A well acted film with a good script but it falls short with lack of depth.

Alexa C (ru) wrote: Loved the T.V show, loved the movie! This film was filled with mystery, and romance. Stayed true to the original Veronica Mars, which was awesome!

Kevin R (fr) wrote: Our whole life is one of fear.Chico was one of the main characters from the Magnificent Seven and he has moved into one of the villages the Magnificent Seven rescued in the movie. Many of the men are kidnapped from the town and Chico's wife hunts him down to form a group to protect the town and get the men back."No husbands?""No husbands."Burt Kennedy, director of The War Wagon, Hannie Caulder, The Train Robbers, Suburban Commando, Wolf Lake, Comanche, and The Money Trap, delivers Return of the Seven. The storyline for this is just okay but fun to watch unfold. The acting is also fairly mediocre and the cast includes Yul Brynner, Robert Fuller, Warren Oates, Claude Akins, and Fernando Rey."How much trouble you in?""About as much as you are."I recently grabbed this off Movies! and have been wanting to see this for some time. This was entertaining and fun to watch unfold. This is far from a western classic but is worth a viewing. It is a bit clich and straightforward, but I recommend it."The odds are not good."Grade: C/C+

Stuart K (jp) wrote: Directed by Michael Lehmann, who at the time was hot off the success of Heathers (1989), this action-comedy caper was co-conceived by it's star, who was able to get Die Hard producer Joel Silver to make it. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but Silver was soon wishing he had passed it on, and despite it's reputation as a notorious flop, there is quite a bit to admire in it. Eddie Hawkins (Bruce Willis), has just been released from jail after a long stint, he's a master thief known as Hudson Hawk. As soon as he's released from prison, Hudson finds himself being blackmailed by the Mafia and the CIA into doing a dangerous art heist with his old partner in crime Tommy "Five-Tone" Messina (Danny Aiello). They head to Rome where they're to steal crystals which are inside some of Da Vinci's works, but they soon find out what they're needed for, and it's all part of a plan by Darwin Mayflower (Richard E. Grant) and his wife Minerva (Sandra Bernhard), who are also in cahoots with CIA Chief George Kaplan (James Coburn). The tone and structure of the film comes across like a Blake Edwards film on acid, not much of it seems to make much sense, and it didn't help that it had a troubled production. But, it's a film which isn't sure what it wants to be, but it does have some good set pieces and a great cast. Oh, and look out for Fred Elliott from Corrie.