Young Torless

Young Torless

At a boarding school in the pre-war Austro-Hungarian Empire, a pair of students torture one of their fellow classmates, Basini, who has been caught stealing money from one of the two. The ...

At a boarding school in 1900s Austria, two cruel bullies go to great lengths to embarrass, abuse and dehumanize their pathetic classmate, Basini. Shy, intelligent Törless merely observes it, doing nothing to help Basini, until the torture goes too far. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amrita D (gb) wrote: Best Punjabi Movie In The World. Tip Top A Class. Never Seen One Like This ....... Aman Khatkar u Are Amazing Yaarr Words Can Not Describe This ,movie I Love It !

Maggie R (es) wrote: I personally loved this movie, it reminded me of the basic Scooby-Doo plot, they go to Fred's old camp Camp Little Moose acting as councillors and there's a monster, in this case The Woodsman, trying to scare them away from Camp. They also had two other monsters make an appearance, as well as having a fairly well thought out plot, as when I first saw this movie I had figured out who was behind the crime before the reveal and to me that means they actually did come up with clues that could be helpful to solve the case. Of course, there are still a few details within the film and the crime that didn't make sense, but to me that's because it is a movie whose target audience does not care if every detail lines up, they just want to go along for the ride in an entertaining fashion. This movie is a good movie to just sit back, relax and enjoy, it is not meant to be critically analyzed, it is just supposed to be a fun family movie and I think it accomplishes that with old faces that so many of us are familiar with.

Carlos E (br) wrote: Muchos, muchos tiros y muchos bostezos tambien... pelcula muy mala

Alain G (us) wrote: mmm...wadde... de film is gedaan?... ok, ben wakker geschoten...

valentin g (au) wrote: The story isn't very logical, but still the movie has its charm, it's worth watch it if you've got nothing else to do... nothing memorable really

Lisa R (au) wrote: I had to convince myself really hard to watch this and if it wasnt for Brian J White body and cuteness i might not make it to the end. Nice to see marla gibbs still doing her thing. Zoe somehow i understand y u made this movie.. its not always about glamour but the message.

Sunshine C (kr) wrote: Dumb story line, sub par acting. Best part was Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Sara S (nl) wrote: eventually, there are aliens in this movie. they've mastered interstellar travel and teleportation. they kill people with their claws. their weakness is iron. like they're fairies or something. DR2/cold iron?

Zachary B (ru) wrote: I've never laughed as much as I did in this movie

water s (gb) wrote: Excellent film, hyperreal, hyper-violent, curously humourous moments. I think based on a French cartoon strip of the same name. fantastic opening sequence, cannnot fault it. Most people I know have never seen it. Do yourself a favour, watch it.

Christopher S (jp) wrote: Still stands up over time! A true classic piece of cinema! Amazing work all around!!!

Rafael N (ag) wrote: Les films sont plus harmonieux que la vie. Il n(TM)y a pas d(TM)embouteillage dans les films, il n(TM)y a pas de temps mort.

Charlie G (fr) wrote: Not my kind of movie but enjoyable.

Mohammed A (kr) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Tommaso D (gb) wrote: Love, Rosie's screenplay might very well have been written by a 13 years old kid going through a period o hormons and romance, but with the right acting, that's not necessarily the end of the world.The good chemistry between the two leads (Lily Collins and Sam Claflin) makes this movie a decent romantic comedy that can draw a smile on your face.

Brett B (br) wrote: A British horror anthology in the Amicus mode, THE MONSTER CLUB is a serviceable effort. Vincent Price is a delight, as usual, and his interplay with John Carradine is great (seeing two elder statesmen of the genre together onscreen is always welcome), but the wrap-around story they're part of is ultra-silly - complete with goofy makeups on the occupants of the titular club, as well as several musical numbers (!) - and it undercuts the more "straight" intentions of some of the segments. As such, the film as a whole isn't terribly scary or spooky; that said, the third tale presented is absolutely terrific (and more than slightly Lovecraftian in its tone), and coupled with the Price/Carradine dynamic (the whole cast does good work, really), it makes the film worthy of a marginal recommendation. Still, it feels like a little bit of a missed opportunity.