Your Friends & Neighbors

Your Friends & Neighbors

This adult comedy follows six characters, three men and three women from a cross-section of social groups, as they play sexual power games. When an affair fires up between 2 of the married characters, it sparks a chain of consequences for all of them, including one of the wives falling for another woman!

Unhappy couples fall apart and hop into other beds with other people. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Your Friends & Neighbors torrent reviews

Amy H (it) wrote: Then storyline for this movie had potential but it was messed up by the bad acting and sex! It's like watching a sci-fil channel movie. Wasted.

Claudia F (de) wrote: Moses (Peter Boulanger) is a teenage boy that finds himself into women, and needs money to pay for them. For his first time, he got money from his piggy bank. Then, he started stealing products from a grocery store next to his house in order to have food and wine for dinner as well as saving his father's money for his next adventure with one of the neighborhood prostitutes. What he could not imagine is that the owner of the grocery store, Ibrahim (Omar Sharif), knew exactly what he was doing, and a very strong friendship started between them. Worth watching!

Roxana C (us) wrote: This movie is not for everyone. Hard for me to watch the rape scene but the idea of making the movie backwards made it interesting.

Timothy M (ru) wrote: A great movie about bullying. Worth seeing. Uwe Boll is not as bad as people think he is.

Janette H (gb) wrote: I really enjoyed this film - Loved the music and the score for it too.

Cody L (ru) wrote: Pretty good movie. The villain is great and the gore is brutal and awesome.

Cathy F (de) wrote: just as good as priscilla. gotta love the outback, middle of nowhere appeal. garbage day holiday wow!! great aussie movie.

Adrienne L (it) wrote: Not all the short stories make for heartfelt viewing, but the ones that do more than make up for it. The score is amazing, and the acting is solid by all. I appreciate it more now that I am older.

Kevin S (ru) wrote: A guy named kevin who owns a debt is running away from the bad guys and while at the airport he notices this guy and his kids waiting for an old friend who he had not seen in a long time and even forgets what he looks like. So Kevin goes and plays as the friend which he is not and an imposter and goes and lives with this guy and his family. He has to pretend he is a dentist and all this other stuff and it is hilarious. Sinbad was so funny in this movie. It had other good stars like Phil Hartman and jeffery jones. This was a really good movie that was funny and enjoyable.

Adam T (kr) wrote: Lots of regognizable faces here and lots of great acting as well as some very nicely shot scenes. In addition the movie moves at a slow pace but it seems to work for the movie.....for awhile. Then it starts to get old as it seems like there was this huge plot set up which ultimatley led to basically nothing, the ending was especially disappointing. I get the point the movie was trying to make but it just seems like with all the wonderful writing, talent, and set up given here it could have led to something much more. It almost felt like I was reading a novel as I watched the film, which isn't a bad thing either, the slow pace worked well but I'm sure a lot of people won't really be able to enjoy it. Despite all the efforts the movie really never went anywhere and it just felt like you wasted your time watching it and your energy investing in the characters once the credits start rolling. No reason to ever watch it a second time.

Wookie W (us) wrote: the last scene where the four main characters are wearing matching outfits in teal and azure is priceless. rohmer always manages to find the perfect ending to his most plot-less of movies. incredible.

Javis C (it) wrote: The movie may be stupid, the problem is that they speak in "caveman" but it is sometimes funny.

Benji G (de) wrote: Maybe the expectations for it were built up so highly in my head, but Caddyshack is simply a good comedy, not "the best comedy of all time" as so many people and critics have said over the years. The story is pretty absurd and silly, Rodney Dangerfield's character is very hit/miss with being charming and annoying, Chevy Chase is pretty darn perfect in this movie, Bill Murray.... also very hit/miss with his comedy schtick here, etc etc. Caddyshack is 'fine'.

Simon B (ca) wrote: Can't believe the critics didn't rate it more highly, constant gags and great characters, one of my all time favourite comedies