Your Love Never Fails

Your Love Never Fails

Your Love Never Fails is the story of Laura (Elisa Donovan), a working mother who just wants to spend more time with her daughter Kelsey, 9. Unfortunately, her demanding boss Paul (Fred Willard) has other ideas. When Kelsey’s father, Dylan (Brad Rowe) files for joint custody, Laura is forced to take Kelsey to Texas, where she confronts the lifestyle, church and father (Tom Skerritt) that she left behind. With the help of the local church Pastor, Frank (John Schneider), Laura and Dylan will find their way back to the commitment they made to each other and to Kelsey.

The film follows working mother Laura (Elisa Donovan) as she has to move to Texas with her daughter, Kelsey (Kirstin Dorn), when the girl's dad (Brad Rowe) files for joint custody, forcing Kelsey to confront the lifestyle and father she left behind. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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TTT C (de) wrote: (** 1/2): Thumbs Down I found this movie to be more real than most relationship movies but I couldn't really connect with any of the characters (maybe it is because I'm not a lesbian but a good film will still get you involved). A decent first effort but there just isn't enough here for me to recommend.

familiar s (nl) wrote: Not incredible, but works good enough for time pass.

ME J (de) wrote: Twilight was one of the more divisive adaptations of a young adult novel. Loving or hating the series always seemed secondary to opinionated takes on the moral worth of the series. Even fans were divided into camps: the infamous battle between Team Edward and Team Jacob. Undoubtedly, Twilight presents a problematic representation of relationships and has even worse issues dealing with race. However, the assumption that the film is without merit is false. Twilight provided a means of exploring female desire through popular media. The troublesome relationship between Bella and her paramour reflect many of the issues present in other mainstream films. Yet focalizing on the female character showcased some of the negative relationship traits frequently represented in much of dominate cinema. More importantly the film reflected the aesthetic mode of the gaze sharply turning the camera towards an objectified male body. Wether or not this is film that can be recommended is entirely up to the viewers own interests. If the viewer is able to look past some of the more troubling aspects of the film's content they will find that Twilight contains a number of redeemable qualities most notably a strong aesthetic sensibility care of director Catherine Hardwicke.

John B (ag) wrote: I found this film in the bargain bin at asda for 2 which considering the cast i thought was a bargain. This thriller/who done it tells the story of John walter wayland (tim roth), a local rich kid linked to a murder by a phone number found in the murdered girls pocket. The main premise of the film is roth connected a polygraph machine and questions by chris penn and micheal rooker

Tony L (ru) wrote: Utter rubbish, boring, slow and predictable

Tony S (gb) wrote: I watched this film a long time ago I was scared of the Emperor of the Night at the time but I like the film.

Eduardo C (ag) wrote: So, I saw this many years ago and again just yesterday. But is it really a classic? let me explain. It's not nearly as romantic as I had thought it was. They are basically both using each other during her day off as a princess. She is using him just to do activities she has always wanted to do but is forbidden to do because of her fame and status. And he's a reporter who is just after the 5 grand his boss promised him which was a small fortune those days. And, you expect me to believe virtually no one recognizes her as she travels around Rome despite being on the front page of the newspaper? And, I found the brawl discomforting; the film would have been better off without it. And, you expect me to believe that after physically brawling with half a dozen men, he has no injuries, no cuts, no bruises, no black eye?? But, ultimately the allure of Audrey, and the chemistry between them overrides all this. And the ending is FANTASTIC. It's in the subtle way he lets her know he won't scandalize her by publishing what he knows. And when Eddie Albert terrifies her by showing her his camera, he quickly makes up for it by handing over the photos. And the greatest part of all, that haunting unforgettable last look she gives to Gregory Peck, full of pain, anguish, but overridden by gratitude and love. Yes, all that in just one unforgettable look.

Bob W (us) wrote: Makes a better stage play than movie, yet the many twists and turns, anxious accusatory dialogue and fine casting keep you guessing whodunit. I've finally seen nicely restored version of this classic, a definite improvement over the first couple times I saw it.

Eric E (ag) wrote: Extremely compelling movie, should be on everyone's "bucket list" of films to see in their lifetime. Hard hitting, to say the least, uncompromising, holds up well even today.