Your Name Is Justine

Your Name Is Justine

While living with her grandmother in Poland, a young woman falls in love. Her boyfriend is charming and suggests they travel around Europe and work here and there to pay for their trip. Unfortunately, the boyfriend isn't as he seems and the young woman is sold as a prostitute when they cross over to Germany. We follow her ordeal as she tries to free herself and stay sane as time goes by and her captors try to break and condition her to a new life of servitude.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:2005
  • Language:Polish,German,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:kidnapping,  

While living with her grandmother in Poland, a young woman falls in love. Her boyfriend is charming and suggests they travel around Europe and work here and there to pay for their trip. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Skijiniwi P (br) wrote: hmmm...heard about this one...

James W (br) wrote: There's some funny moments, like towards the end with Stephen merchant and some unfunny moments, a recurring gag over faking oral sex. Here's one of those pretty mindless dirty comedies that is more embracing of values than you'd expect it to be.

Rawballs B (br) wrote: The Ultimate "SCREAM"!...If others dislikes this, for me, it's worth the standard to end a trilogy... there is action and more twists in it!.. the ultimate "BEST"!!!!...

Richard C (us) wrote: cool flick, this is Basically the Romeo & Juliet type of formula back from 1987...about this surfer dude that goes to Hawaii on vacation,got hooked with this hot looking hawaiian girl that is also family of the movie 'bad guys' in this case 'the local' surfers of hawaii....the main guy on the film fight for his respect and learn a few new things about life & surfing with a surfboard craftman he meets on his order to tame hawaii's waves and outcome the odds on his stay in hawaii..pretty cool visuals and fun..almost near the point break (1991)kinda if you like surf..the beach,summer this is a good choice to chek it out just for fun.

Henry P (mx) wrote: 9/24/16Adventure is out there in the movies! Many are fun, and some are just awful. But one that should stand out is Up, which jerks us from the saddest sadnesses to the most adventurous joys! After the most heartfelt movie opening ever, we see Carl Fredricksen (Ed Asner) in his lonely life of clinging to the house restored by love (and hard work). On this fine day, a wilderness explorer (how many different boy/girl scout inspired organizations can Hollywood fabricate?) named Russell (Jordan Nagai) comes to ask if he needs assistance for a badge. He sends him on a quest to find a non-existent creature, and later, a construction worker unintentionally knocks over his mailbox (if you see the first ten minutes, you'll see why), Carl whacks him with his cane to get it back (fun fact: they actually have light blood on the guy's head, which is both true-to-life, and a minor detail you wouldn't expect a kid's movie to have), and is court-ordered to move into a nursing home. I don't know if any court can make people do that, but rather than lose the house, he decides to boldly go where Ellie always wanted to go: Paradise Falls. Does he take a plane? Too conventional, he does what any sane balloon salesman would: tie balloons to it, and make it fly! He's on his way, but then Russell turns out to have stowed away, and after they encounter a storm, what follows is an adventure that only CGI animation could provide, between the fun and whimsy, and the fact most elderly actors (not to be agist) couldn't pull off most of the stunts Carl and Charles F. Muntz (Christopher Plummer) pull off. The animation is brilliant, as Pixar animation should be. The animation however is not the only leg that Up stands on, but the great character development of Carl and Russell, in the way they bond with each other: Carl is the old, wise father figure Russell doesn't see often, and Russell is the son Carl could never have with Ellie. The cast's performances are heartfelt and genuine. Even though Russell's is told instead of shown, Pixar developed Carl so well by showing, they get a pass. What they do not get a pass from though, is some major plot holes: the flying house/dogs with voice collars/Kevin the bird are all givens, but if you really think about it, Carl and Russell break international law by leaving the country without passports, and it never gets addressed. It does not take away from the adventurous spirit of the film, but I simply cannot let it go. The fact is, if they ever came back to the US in real life after what they did, they would be arrested for flying the house (federal aviation law) and the aforementioned leaving without proper paperwork. They tried presenting a world where the only differences were Kevin and the flying house. Those get passes, but I'm simply too bothered by this to forgive them. What needs no apology is Michael Giacchino's great soundtrack. This guy just can't do wrong with music. He captures the style of the 1930s when Carl and Ellie met perfectly, and lets that old-fashioned spirit of adventure live long and prosper. Unrealistic international law aside, Up is one of Pixar's finest movies (which is saying something), blending great humor with a wonderful story and characters, with beautifully animated scenery. Now you've had a good adventure reading this review, have another by getting up and watching the movie!9/8/12"Adventure is out there!" - Charles Muntz, Up. Well, Disney/Pixar's Up proves how true that is. It could be going to South America, wheather in a blimp, or in your very own floating house, or it could be simply living with someone fun. Pixar really outdid themselves this time, visually, and story-wise. Up also has the right Pixar Chemestry: Childish humor, with older references. It's true what they say: Pixar told a better love story in 10 minutes, than Twilight did in four books. I really liked the way Russel and Carl bonded from their trip to South America, and a reminder of what Phil Dunphy once said "A young boy and an old man can be friends.". In conclusion, Up is one of the best Pixar movies to date, pulling the whole Pixar formula into another grand adventure.

Pam K (br) wrote: Always love Russell and Mills and this is a silly but funny movie. Classic family film. Julia loved all the trouble those two get into.

Brian K (es) wrote: There are many ways do describe this film; hokey, corny, low-brow, goofy and finally fun. Its a breeze to watch and Vincent Price does a good job hamming it up.

Lucas D (mx) wrote: Occasionally tedious/badly paced, but still consistently strong due to its original unfurling and schwabbin' performances.

Tammi S (fr) wrote: This movie was considered a comedy/drama on Tivo. There was no comedy in it, maybe the weird music queues...that's it.

Danny M (jp) wrote: This film is bad! I don't know what all the hype is about. So slow and nothing happens.